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C J Baxter Jun 2018
Hurt people hurt people.
So says the doctor.
Hurt people, Hurt people.
So says the patient.
C J Baxter Feb 2018
I have given legs just before he steps, but I have forgotten to give him ground on which to stand. He plummets into the abyss.

I will try again.
C J Baxter Jul 2017
Hunger is a gun to your head.
Can you feel it pressed up against
your temple or is your tummy full?
Do you hear it cocked and ready
Or does your lunch sit happily on
your warm breakfast and cup of tea?  
I think it's high time someone like you
                                    bites the bullet.

You in your fine-tailored, Italian suit.
You in your penthouse apartment,
who leave homes empty here and abroad.
Yes, you.
I know you know someone who knows
someone who grew up in a tenement flat.  
I know you know someone who knows
someone who works with disabled people.
I know you haven't heard any complaints.
But I know you and we have here this gun.
And I know just what we'll do with it
C J Baxter Jul 2017
Kim Kardashian is my neighbour.
I see her every day, smiling seductively;
her curves grinning too.
She recommended some gluten-free meals,
skincare products, mobile apps, and friends.
She introduced me to her family,
and they are a lovely bunch.

I don’t know my other neighbours.
I know they are noisy, smelly,
up all hours of the night like bats.
But they haven’t been as helpful as Kim.
They’ve never entertained me for hours.
I’ve not seen their break downs, break ups,
make ups, and family meltdowns.
I’ve not seen them ****** and ******* ****
in a hotel without a worry that I was watching.

And Kim is never going to move out.
At least not until those curves stop grinning,
and she stops breaking down in front of me.
Not until she lets slip the mask that the machine wears.
C J Baxter Jul 2017
Get a job. Get a girl. Get a house. Get a coffin.  
Get a jump on the morning and eat an omelette of worms.
Get a newspaper with your morning loaf and
read that thing cover to cover.
Get real, get prepared, get in line.
Get your orders from the horse's mouth
and follow them to you're told otherwise.
Get a grip of yourself, young man!

Don’t get yourself in trouble, infected or in jail.
Don’t get up after midday or go to sleep after midnight.
Don’t get used to coming in first
or you’ll be a wimpy sore lose.
Don’t get cocky kid; don’t get smart.
Don’t get ahead of yourself and think
you're the man to lead all the others.
Don’t get too big for your boots, young man.
C J Baxter Jul 2017
Flex military muscles from across the water,
And ***** the shining rods of destruction.
We’ll sit amazed with our mouths open.  
You’ll have the world on its knees
With the mere threat of eruption.
We’ll sit amazed with our mouths open;
Half scared, half angry, half-halfheartedly opposing.
I feel like you'd like us to beg.
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