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Busisiwe Jan 2016
She loves a man with an attitude
A man who wears his suit and loves
It. Loves his big bold chest with ease.

The one that stares with love and compassion not because he "wants" you. Always on call cause he works hard.

Kisses her feet because he worships her feet and the ground she walks on ( his queen). Smiles cause she is around he is happy.

A man who feels and listens. ( he ill) focuses on her beauty, her eyes and cant help himself. Then he knows he is safe.
She bossy but he knows he is her KiNG. And he bossy but she knows she is his Queen. This MAN!
Busisiwe Dec 2015
I'm dying Mr please sit down lets talk
Your presence make me feel differently
No shame, people got to leave. But Mr sit down
We got talk is there.

Man I'm dying, sitting here and  crying
What is it? You tall stupid man?
Mr lets Si down and talk , can you talk?

So much and more my heart is pounding
More and more I ask myself is this worth it?
**** Mr lets sit down and talk you killing me.

How you feeling? Say hi? Walk by do something
But Mr lets sit down talk share with me.
So much going on I cant just sit down and talk.!
Busisiwe Dec 2015
I got a chip on my shoulders
Babyfaced with alot of talking
Dark skinned and alot of moving

My chip does this and that in a few.
Based from top to bottom its mis-
Understood. Blame it on me.

Ive got this big life full of doubt's
And full of hate. These people don't
Understand my chip. Ive a big ***
Chip on my shoulder. Gravitate towards
The kind Man! Cause this one has nothing for you.

Please my soil can I just have my chip
And move on with my day. Ive got a big as chip
On my shoulders. People talk but will never resolve.

Ive got this chip on my shoulders, does this
Even make any sense????
Busisiwe Dec 2015
Some people get tired of being sick and tired
Yet some get tired because you choose to speak
They get tired of humanity
They get tired of love
They get tired of strengths.

People get tired of trying NOT to get tired
They get tired cause you have a voice
They get tired cause you wanna help
They get tired cause you wish they ddnt get tired  because you care

People just get tired.
  Dec 2015 Busisiwe
Jillian Jesser
solitude marks the height of my contentment
no agreements to make
I don't have to see faces
nods smiles masked aggression
I don't have to act
I don't have to trade facade for facade
with my peers
do I even have peers?

at night, I feel a stillness
so deep, so harsh, so honest
I don't have to live this lie
explain why I'm fine
why everything is fine
because, it's not
nothing's fine

I am a million clashing universes
filled with endless dying stars
and I reach out
to the other universes
and shrink back
          and at night
I fill the stillness
  the stars collapsing
every synapse bending
toward destruction

no want
               no need
                             no crying out for more

at night there is no other
no one to say my name falsely
and when I sleep
the ocean of my subconscious
carries me to sleeping cures
takes me away for years
to great expanses of colorful
living worlds
where I feel
where my emotions are tangible
       they keep me company for
a millennia
         I wake to this doll world
where a friend asks
how are you doing
and she's doing it out of obligation
                                                and there's no color
and I have no emotion
and I feel nothing

Life is the waiting room for the exploration of that dream world

and every night
I taste it
I touch it
I breathe in its vibrance
and the only want
is to never wake
to this grey world
to never have to answer


Busisiwe Dec 2015
Am I lost ?
Cause I can feel you poking me?
I am not the one?
What are your intentions?

I see you trying!
But I don't see you winning!

Busisiwe Dec 2015
I crawled just to get away
He saw me and kicked me while I was down
So scared lets fake a smile. This bossy and big man!

Tip towing around like the floor is gonna crack.
She calls and ask if I am okay?
Took a deep breath and replied.

Bet they ddnt know you killed me?

This dark room with no light
Safer than the outside. Will I ever get enough?
What should I say with all this PAIN.

Bet they ddnt know you killed me?

Sad so sad I'm giving up
Walks aways the demon in him
But yet his face is still the same.
What did I do to fell such Pain?
But I still bet they ddnt know you killed me.
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