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and in a second
I realised
that it was not love
I craved

but a deep
of my soul

for someone
to take the time
to navigate my wounded

dare I say?
take steps to repair it

no. It is not love I want
but salvation in the arms
of an Earthly God
 Apr 18 bones
George A Kary
In  the beginning
It  was there
Up front
Never seeing it
  on the return
Maybe dreamt
It was there
A understatement
Only to revolve  
  with time
Into a mind
with age
   to feel  appreciated
In a new found place
   as death approaches
The end
When the body never  moves
Just the soul
the silvers of the moon
sing their song of winter,
exhilarating above the black
rock and distant trees, her
fire lights the night like a
street lamp, the shadows
thrown back, muted,
echoing the near-teary darks
of the clouds. i sit on the
window sill, look out,
breathe deep the midnight sky
built of love and winter rose.
 Mar 27 bones
guy scutellaro
she always posted my bail and
never asked what I d done
and she paid the back rent
always had dinner for me

she loaned me money
and I never paid her back

and when I was gone

for 2 or 3 days
she didn't ask where I'd been

she broke my nose
with a non-stick frying pan

she broke my heart with a letter

she s the best I ever had

if you read this:
i'm in the county jail,
call the bail bonds man
I need you more than ever

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