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I saw you today
for the first time in an age.
Troubles drifted off with the long summer breeze
and swept your hair from your understanding eyes.

I heard you today
and all the bells and birds
rose in symphony at your laugh
as the sun envied the brightness of your smile.
 Jun 21 bones
When cooking the mind concentrates,
Washing dishes the mind wanders.
 Jun 21 bones
I don’t let reality
get in my way
besides, everyone knows
that I am a dreamer
so let me pretend a little
while longer that you’re here
and try not to wake me
until you’re not.
 Jun 14 bones
The first lightnin’ bug
of the season
here and then just
gone in an instant, real quick
like a meteorite in peripheral vision
fast as a .30-ought-six
or a day, a year, a decade
blink and you’ll miss it.
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