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  Sep 2017 Ysobelle Valdevieso
we were each other's sunlight
shining brightly upon each other
as we give each other
a touch of earthly warmth

we were two celestial bodies
bound together by each other's gravity
revolving about a mutual coordinate
moving in universal synchrony

but it looks like all our hydrogen
has ran out and we collapsed
into a white dwarf—dim light
no life, no soul, cold to the touch

we are running out of light
and you gave up on emitting yours
yet i force myself to keep on shining
like i'm milking stone, it's hopeless
  Sep 2017 Ysobelle Valdevieso
the rhythmic crash
of the sea waves
as water trickles
beneath my feet
as it slowly washes
the sand on my skin
just before
it ebbs away
and then it flows
and then it ebbs
and then it flows
and then it ebbs
again and again
as i stood there
affixed to the moment
transfixed by the rhythm

and then, out of nowhere
it stopped
the tides have already
  Sep 2017 Ysobelle Valdevieso
the both of us—
a dissonance in the making,
an F# to a C major chord,
a jumble of notes
with no harmony,
a series of notes
with no melody,
a sheet of music
that lacks feeling,
for all we have
are sharps and flats
that will never work together
  Sep 2017 Ysobelle Valdevieso
i started walking
since the beginning
who knows what lies ahead
at the very end of the road

a journey of a lifetime
as i continue to strive
but forward is the way i go
in this journey i'll undergo

millions of miles
and uncountable cries
forgotten and heard
by the long stretch of road

in this eternal struggle
and as i slowly crumble
will i ever reach the end
of this never-ending road
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