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Ash Rose Oct 2017
Red leaves on every tree
Falling to rest on the ground
Candles in every room
Smelling of apple and spice

Orange pumpkins with scary faces
Smiling as the people pass by
The light of the moon like a small star
Thousands of miles away

Yellow sun shining on heads
Warming the frozen fingers
Both birds and children call
To mothers and fathers, to friends and family

Brown hair in its own battle
Wrapped up un a striped scarf
Hot chocolate with cinnamon and steam
Drunk from a ceramic mug

All these things come together
These are the colors of Autumn
I originally wrote this in German... and it rhymed then, but not now.
Ash Rose Jun 2017
Little freckles dotting the bridge of his nose,
dancing across his face, on his forehead and chin,
like angel kisses on the soft, soft skin.
His dark brown hair, swept from ear to ear,
golden tips creating color amidst darkness,
giving a warm glow to his head.
All the colors trapped in his eyes,
wonderful blues, greens, grays, and browns,
leaving a lasting impression of simple beauty.
The lightest touch of his fingertips on my skin,
caressing my neck and jaw,
brushing against my lips with love and care.
Ash Rose Jun 2017
Strange sensations
Grins and smiles
The smell of the night
Doing what felt right
The best of times

Familiar sensations
Grins and faces of lust
The smell of liquor and perfume
Doing what felt best
The most pleasurable of times

Painful sensations
Grimaces and faces of hate
The smell of metal and blood
Doing what distracted most
The worst of times

Blank faces
Nothing to smell
Nothing to feel
Nothing to remember
Everything suppressed
not my writing, but a friend's.
Ash Rose Jun 2017
closed off from the world
in a room with her thoughts and regrets
she felt felt so lonely in crowded places

her friends always told her,
"hold on a little longer"
but she dreamed of a world
without any pain or hurt or tears

how quickly she'd go and stay
unnoticed but not alone
real life isn't like the movies
she told herself as she held back tears

love, the bittersweet enemy
idolized and envied by naive
keeping quiet her heart screams
with hate and anger
how easy it is to see the way
it tears her down
yet without that hidden place to hide in
she falls apart

crimson covering the bitter memory
of that one little promise
broken with one quick-spoken word

she can't seem to run
away from all the lies
but the truth is a blade
held to her wrist with her shaking hand
Ash Rose May 2017
Living again, breathing in the air deeply,
unlucky before but fortuitous now.
Keeping my eyes on the prize,
All around me the world falls away,
sadness making way to safety.

Whether by chance or by intention,
only we know what's happened,
only you and I, together but apart.
Damage has been done,
but now it's all reversed.
Really, it's just my luck,
I never thought I'd be back where I am.
Dangerous as it is,
giving me what I wanted but didn't ask for,
everything in me is alive again.
Ash Rose Mar 2017
Little white blossoms, born overnight
pure, easy, unbelievably real
bred in the darkness, made into light
Ash Rose Mar 2017
drowning, deafeningly silent
in my own thoughts
back to this again

away from this feeling
or lack thereof
which consumes me yet again
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