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Abhi Mar 21
Oh dear clouds,
Please fly away to somewhere else
Hold on a while before you pour yourself in the earth
You can come to my place if you want
I will hear your words, but
Let her see the sky

The moon might be waiting to tell her
That she is the only one
That I ever think of
And when it show its scars
Let it reveal the wounds of my heart
How I feel when she is away
Let it show her my pain
Let her see the sky

The stars might be shining
For they know how much she likes them
perhaps they are shining their brightest today
Arranged different than the usual
In the shape of my love, maybe.

Oh dear clouds
Let her see the sky.
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Abhi Mar 16
I saw the gray color
Thought everything was back to normal
But who could have guessed
it was cloud gathering at a place
To drench me in the rain.
I then saw the red
Thought I finally got some love
But who could have guessed
It was the wound in my heart
Spilling out the blood.
Abhi Mar 10
Pour some rain on me, please.
These flames
won't let my wounds heal.
The longer they remain
the stronger their scars will be
and those scars will sing the tales
of all the stories which I left incomplete. <3
Abhi Jun 2018
Walk you to the door and say goodbye
Hope we'll meet again
I know it might never happen
Should i give up on you
oh! I can't decide
I wonder what you think of me
Am i a trouble for you
Cause for me you're a bliss
All the days since we have known each others are the proof
I've always wished to be with you
I know I've never said how i feel
That is because you're with someone else
Knowing that he doesn't treat you right
There's no way i can waste more time
I need to tell you
though i know its too late
I always loved you and will always do.
_Abhi (

— The End —