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 Nov 2018 Anna Patricia
How can emptiness be so heavy?
 Oct 2018 Anna Patricia
she was the maker, he was her muse
a creative girl with everything to lose

she colored her canvas with her bleeding heart
she loved him and watched her world fall apart

she got her heart broken but kept a blank face
knowing that there are some mistakes you can't erase

she gave up her art, a lover betrayed
her pure white mind turned a darker shade.
And then there were seven.
i want
to say something
i wish to say many thing
i know you also eager
to utter every


our herats
are filled with emotions
our minds wish to make confession to the feelings which can't  be  described
during the  erstwhile time
through revelation *

it's true
we neither
able to stop nor
make time prehension
while you are being with me
it's auspicious like the heaven

just like
with the open eyes
always makes me alive
you are blessings of god
to my heart and soul

to the destiny
i always  find you with me
to walk  on the path of
and with full
of ambition*

© deovrat 06-06-2018
 May 2018 Anna Patricia
If i could
I'd bake you a heart
shaped cheesecake with strawberries,
I'd buy you a hundred roses.
I'd be by your side today
and celebrate your birth
with kisses and pearl necklaces
musical boxes
adorned with diamonds.
I'd take you in my arms
like I wish I could.
And never let you go.

Happy Birthday, my love,
my dearest.
Blow out those candles now,
and wish what I am.

I love you.
Happy Birthday, DiAnne!
 Apr 2018 Anna Patricia
i don’t know why i think of you
like a lot
but you’re one of my favorite things
that i catch myself thinking of
when i’m not paying attention in class
 Apr 2018 Anna Patricia
I promised myself that
I’d never make anyone my world
And I didn’t

I made my own world
And spun in my axis
Days passed
Lives flashed
And flickered

I had convinced myself
That I didn’t need anyone to orbit me
That I had too much on my plate to keep me busy
The constellations needed arranging
The planets needed realigning
The stars needed shining

Yes no one was my world
And it was fine
So I spun
And I spun
And I spun
On my own

But I didn’t know
That my world was set
For the big bang course
And was bound to collide with yours

When it hit
My world shook
My world was set on fire
My world was never the same

Yet after all that
You didn’t become my world still
As I had always promised

My world was mine
And your world was yours
Though admittedly there was no part of mine
That was left untouched by yours

Your gravity worked
So strongly on me
Pulling me in so effortlessly
Though I didn’t mind really
Sticking around for an eternity
Because truthfully
To be apart from you
Is something I never want to be

So there we were
In a cosmic dance we vowed to do forever
And it was amazing
As we spun
And we spun
And we spun

Yes my world was mine
And your world was yours
Yet in the process
You somehow managed
To become my whole universe
 Feb 2018 Anna Patricia
you told me you want
a steady love
sorry i couldn’t give you one
for my love for you
will never be still
it glows, it grows
it’s overflowing, oh darling
my love for you, i can’t contain
it overflows..
Feb 12 prompt
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