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Feb 2017
So here's another story, of hyperbole and glory.
The words of a soul at 24.,
But the game's not done, it's just only begun.
Let's just even the score!

If life's truly a garden,
Then it must take **** to grow.
Instead of letting the top soil harden,
It's time to reap all that I sow.
Won't struggle to tread water,
While being caught in the undertow.
I'll float and tread, not fish food fodder,
I won't let my weakness show.

So if this is to be my destiny,
And I'm bound to this by fate.
Then take from me this soliloquy,
Cause I no longer harbor hate.
It's draining always fighting within
Internal conflict and silent debate,
But through dialogue rebuild can begin,
Because so many others can relate.

The haunting truth of misguided youth,
We feel weak in fate's cruel hand
But through these cries we debunk their lies
Side by side our friends we stand.
Nolan Davis
Written by
Nolan Davis
       Demonatachick, ---, ---, Anna and ---
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