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Nolan Davis May 2018
You can't control how people think
Or how they truly feel.
Your only hope is that when they blink
They see what's truly real.
Their smiles hide the lies they tell,
Speaking lines that match their face.
An image that they're pressed to sell,
You're the constituent of their disgrace.

They don't care for your objection,
Only hearing what works best.
Their kindness masks rejection,
While your pain seeps through your chest.
Firmly rooted in their stances,
Their opinions refuse to budge.
They refuse second chances,
And prefer to simply judge.

All roads lead to self-salvation
You just need to travel light
The rebel laughs at retaliation,
And will revel in any fight.
So even if the mask they wear
Looks like the one of a friend.
Watch out to see if they really care,
Or cause another wound to mend.
Nolan Davis May 2018
The lines are drawn across the sand,
The soldiers are forming rank.
Arm the troops and strike the band,
On all sides the squad will flank.

The target is a haughty one,
On a tower at the peak of the hill.
A mirage the glimmers in the sun,
All driven simply for the thrill.

The fools rush in like always,
Shot down to set the pace.
Their failures fill up the displays,
Their solemn looks on a sunken face.

The battle plan to capture the flag,
Works best in a tandem pair.
One takes the lead, the other will sag,
The substance to back up the flair.

And as the war comes to a end,
Darkness changes into light.
The losers plug their wounds to mend,
For there's always Friday night...
Nolan Davis Apr 2018
Your words lack meaning when backed by lies.
They pour out your mouth but drip through your eyes.
They fall like rain, the forecast reads pain.
But you must let them out to keep yourself sane.

They echo and haunt your every single thought.
A salvation you wish that you simply just bought.
Your soul up for bid, but who do we kid?
Its value diminished by the truth that you hid.

The list of your sins would make Satan blush.
Your hell is the product of dreams that you crush.
A spectator sport, with no need for support.
You glow in the spotlight cast down on the court.

Nothing remains as you receive your fate.
The harshest reality for all of your hate.
Condemned to the fact that you made a pact,
Your soul was the fee for the devil to attract.
Nolan Davis Oct 2017
You feel the world around you
Put a target on your back
Your brain aligns a bullseye
From the confidence you lack
So you arm yourself with self defense
Prepared for chaos and war
Death be ******, it's a suicide mission
Your pride must settle the score

Your camouflage is obvious
Your colors glow in sight
The same colors that dim for day
And glow to haunt your night
The shade in which you're blushing
Turns from red to pale white
You mistake me for being unarmed
Unprepared for such a fight

I'm cloaked in self-assurance
While your shots land at my chest
I turn around and shake my head
And leave you alone just like the rest
So as you stand there with the shells
Of the bullets that you fired
At least next time you load your gun
Your shots will be inspired
Nolan Davis May 2017
The tides have changed, they rise and fall,
Your ship is trapped inside the sea.
And although mayday is what you must call,
You hope it's answered by anyone but me.

This isn't your first time setting sail,
Holes remain in the bow from the past,
But where nature before would always fail,
The eye of the storm approaches fast.

Your crew has abandoned ship for shore,
Saving their necks as they watch you sink.
And instead of letting me help even the score,
You choose to drown holding the chain to link.

Red skies give sailors a double meaning,
A morning warning or night's delight.
But as your vessel begins careening,
Remember you chose to ignore the light.
Nolan Davis May 2017
We treat our hearts like fighters,
12 rounds trapped in the fear cage inside.
Pride be our fuel, anger our lighters,
Our souls wastelands with nowhere to hide.

Ego hijacks our common sense,
Making shallow love our prize.
Emoting makes our minds go tense,
Until help screams out from our eyes.

The leaps and bounds we **** ourselves for,
Isn't enough to keep our hearts at bay.
Nothing will ever even the score,
There are no words they can simply say.

So why do we put ourselves through hell?
Why can't we just swallow our pride?
Because love is a feeling they just want to sell,
And in debt there's no place to hide.
Nolan Davis Mar 2017
Your name is like a memory,
But one I greatly wish forgotten.
Your presence does not better me
Instead leaves me alone and rotten.
Your song traps like a siren
Alluring all who hear its call.
As a slave, I hope you're hiring,
At your feet I'll always fall.

False hopes and dreams only remain,
Where the shell of a man once stood.
Your taste could drive any insane,
Convert a man from the greater good.
You don't know the crime that you commit,
Everytime you simply cast a smile.
It's a ****** of pride you'll never admit,
You just laugh and give your denial.

Your absence leaves me at a loss,
With nothing in it's place to fill.
I'll drink to forget just like a boss,
And hope none of my feelings spill.
But the liquor just doesn't fill the gap
Instead it leaves me hollow and alone.
Bringing out feelings from the gap,
The ones you put in the 'friend zone'.

They say you need to love yourself,
In order to find it from another.
But self-esteem is a false sign of wealth,
When they all treat you like a brother.
I'm just so ******* tired of wearing a face,
Biting my tongue as you give up your heart.
A man who can't handle such beauty or grace,
I guess that's why I've been cast in this part.
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