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Nolan Davis Sep 2020
“They’re never gonna love you till you can love yourself.”
The echoes of their words knock the feelings off the shelf.
Shattered feelings recover, but the bond is not the same.
The cracks in the soul will only weaken in blame.

“Your pain doesn’t excuse the damage you’ve done.”
Remorse doesn’t fix the holes made with the gun.
The dead stay dead, you don’t get to blame them now.
Because healing doesn’t start with when, but how.

“You aren’t responsible with making all things right.”
You’ll drive yourself mad in the wars that you fight.
The world will go on, even after you’re dead.
So find yourself at peace with the demons in your head.

The sun will still rise, even if your horizon is bleak.
You’ve experienced the valleys, it’s time to climb the peak.
Plant your flag in the base, and shout from the sky.
“Today I live for me, and that is the banner I fly.”
Nolan Davis Jun 2020
I’m sitting in a corner,
She stares at me, and I should warn her.
But she doesn’t need the guidance,
It’s not history, this is science.
And her name carries some fame,
She’s not receptive to the game,
She wears her feelings on her sleeves,
Away from her heart she believes.
Cause her strength is in her mind
It’s where her planets are aligned
In this galaxy of truth,
She blinks and stars become the proof
That there is something more to see
And something more we all could be
If we just follow right beside her
A cosmic planetary collider

So I take paper and pen
And ask if not now then truly when?
Because I’m waiting for the sign
When both our planets will align
And if that star is in the distance
I’ll keep on flying with persistence
Because I know that if I’m stronger
It won’t take very much longer.
Nolan Davis Jun 2020
You want to capture all the pain,
But you don’t know how to feel.
Your misery is the world’s gain,
A story too grim to be real.

The camera shutters, the pictures flash,
The image fits the frame.
Behind the lens your feelings clash
The model knows not the game.

You sketch your paranoia until the pen runs out of ink.
And if the canvas fills up then you’re stuck there left to think.
Is your portrait missing color, is the shading cast to show?
Does the pain that you keep hiding have too much space to grow?

The vibrations from the strings you pluck
Match the heartbeat that is low
It’s just a matter of time or luck,
They’ll finally hear the show.

The outlet doesn’t matter if results remain the same.
The audience will always think that it’s all just a game.
So dance and sing, click and sketch, do it all you must.
Because someone will always find it, that much your heart must trust.
Nolan Davis Jun 2020
Her song is like a siren’s call that leads me to my death.
The same old tricks that make me fall will take my final breath.
The stench of death comes off her clothes but still it smells so sweet.
From highest highs to lowest lows, it’s the fate I’m doomed to meet.

She’ll offer you forbidden fruit while knowing what it holds.
You’re dignity now hers to loot, your soul bending while it folds.
But just one flash of that perfect smile, you believe it every time.
You know she’s guilty all the while, yet you help commit the crime.

You say you’re tired of the game, you always know the score.
And if the rules remain the same, why keep coming back for more?
Because denial is your only friend, and you know it to be true.
So watch her wait until the end, then get ready for round 2.
Nolan Davis Jan 2020
This will be so hard to write,
Haven't given time in a minute.
But I'm being brought into the light,
And it's about time I admit it.

I've realized my place in the crowd,
The blurry picture comes into focus.
I think my personality's too loud
That's why I'm prescribed in small doses.

Or maybe just the times have changed,
And I've been left in the past.
My friendships have now become outranged
Despite those claims that they'd last.

I shouldn't be the one to cry,
I applaud those who gain success.
But it comes at watching relationships die,
And myself being labeled excess.

So I'll sit and wait to see what comes,
And hope that I'll still remain.
Otherwise I'll sit and twiddle my thumbs,
Because with me there's nothing to gain.
Nolan Davis May 2018
You can't control how people think
Or how they truly feel.
Your only hope is that when they blink
They see what's truly real.
Their smiles hide the lies they tell,
Speaking lines that match their face.
An image that they're pressed to sell,
You're the constituent of their disgrace.

They don't care for your objection,
Only hearing what works best.
Their kindness masks rejection,
While your pain seeps through your chest.
Firmly rooted in their stances,
Their opinions refuse to budge.
They refuse second chances,
And prefer to simply judge.

All roads lead to self-salvation
You just need to travel light
The rebel laughs at retaliation,
And will revel in any fight.
So even if the mask they wear
Looks like the one of a friend.
Watch out to see if they really care,
Or cause another wound to mend.
Nolan Davis May 2018
The lines are drawn across the sand,
The soldiers are forming rank.
Arm the troops and strike the band,
On all sides the squad will flank.

The target is a haughty one,
On a tower at the peak of the hill.
A mirage the glimmers in the sun,
All driven simply for the thrill.

The fools rush in like always,
Shot down to set the pace.
Their failures fill up the displays,
Their solemn looks on a sunken face.

The battle plan to capture the flag,
Works best in a tandem pair.
One takes the lead, the other will sag,
The substance to back up the flair.

And as the war comes to a end,
Darkness changes into light.
The losers plug their wounds to mend,
For there's always Friday night...
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