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Anna Feb 2017
There is a difference between liking it and
getting use to it
  Nov 2016 Anna
Richie Vincent
I will get to you someday
I will feel you in some way,
I can feel this, at least it's something,
They have the guts to scream but never know the words to say,
The ones who got in but couldn't wait to get away,
The girl from down the street who always smiled your way,
The euphoric atmosphere that your worst nightmares made clear as day,
I always knew it, I just never knew exactly what to say

This is a morning when I step into the streets and fall in love aimlessly, hoping to somehow, some way fix myself using someone else,
A morning that's too brisk to not wear a jacket, but too hot to not break into a sweat,
A morning where each drag of a cigarette hurts my throat, but takes my mind off of my upset stomach,
I'm spiraling, but I'm taking others down with me, even when I don't want to

I'm sorry,
I'm just tired,
I'm sorry,
I'm sorry

The leaves blowing up and down the road are almost as restless as my mind is when I try to wrap my head around why you left,
Maybe I can fill the void with someone else, and maybe when I stop talking to them for no real reason, they will go on to do the same,
I don't mean for this to happen, but I fear that it's inevitable,
I don't know how to fix myself,
It's like I'm trying to fix something that was never really broken to begin with,
I hope now you understand what it's like to deal with this

I'm not truly sorry, but I'm going to keep apologizing because nothing else that I could possibly say sounds better

I just never know exactly what to say

Everything is so bright but also bleak,
I just never know exactly what to say,
I want to get away from here,
I just never know exactly what to say,
I just never know exactly what to say,
I just never know exactly what to say,

This hurts like hell, I just never know exactly what to say
  Nov 2016 Anna
Robert Levandowski
I can't deny that I miss you.
Or that I wake up every day at four In the morning, hoping to see you next to me.
But, I know that's not how it is anymore.
It hurts.
I keep telling myself " oh she doesn't care."
But, I know that's not the truth.
You were just doing what's best for you, I can't get mad at that.
I have to do the same.
Anna Nov 2016
in typical
Anna Oct 2016
Dear jhon
With the strength you built in me
And the softness you brought in my life
I am writing to you

I've been collecting courage since days
To let you know
I..I don't know how to put my feelings

You are away since a month now
Very far
Fighting for us ,defending us
I don't know how to tell you


I love you
I pray everyday for your health
But now,
It's not just me
Junior is doing the same
Yes, ..
We are three now

        Come home soon
Movie , I know
Anna Oct 2016
Submerging my will against
Your priorities have
always let me down
Why not try
inverting positions this time
Anna Oct 2016
Swirling around the testimony
Are my words with a hundred meanings
The customs set
And the laws enforced

Words that may not render wisdom
But support the sense of speech within

Hindering with the grammar
So the thoughts can flow raw

Words that cut through
And seeps to infuse with the red messenger
Of all those who breathe
And all who take decisions

Phrases that ,when set alone
Can bring mass to a cause
Can dwindle the roots of a humongous

But these are only chain of thoughts
Which may never be able to have a voice
As hundreds of such voices persist

It's just a cascade of thoughts
Of a city with a lone inhabitant
              My dreamville
Many a times we have points to explain but since we are no one in the eyes of the world dominated by the people who loves flattery, we are not able/willing to let our thoughts br presented ,which we know are worth telling, but surely be wasted if told
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