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समक्ष युद्ध की शक्ति नहीं
ये कायरता का वार है
शांत सहृदय वीरों को ये
दुश्मन की ललकार है
समय नहीं अब निंदा का
अब बातों का ना सार है
भूत भगाना अब लातों से
देश की यह हुंकार है

हमला करते मासूमों पर
नर जात नहीं ये सियार है
रक्त बूंद के बदले को
अब हरेक सिंह तैयार है
रक्तबीज के संहार को
माता अब तैयार है
वीरों को अब कोई न रोके
जन जन की ये पुकार है

चैन से कोई सोये अब न
वीरों की चीत्कार है
अंगारों में हाथ है डाला
अब मचेगा हाहाकार है
सीमा पर अब होगी होली
पास में ये त्यौहार है
तब जाकर के मने दीवाली
अब तो आर या पार है
  Feb 2019 Shreyash Ghosh
Proverbial rod
cast into the night

With hope and longing
dangled as bait

Encapture what answers
hidden from sight

Time’s almost up,
as dawn awaits at the gate
  Feb 2019 Shreyash Ghosh
Will you be the ears?
The ears to my words.

Will you be the eyes?
The eyes to my falls.

Will you be the shoulder?
To which I depend on.

Will you be the listener?
And hear my calls.
  Feb 2019 Shreyash Ghosh
Are we worthy
of passing eyes

Do we catch
the stealing glances

Will we save
our world from demise

Can we not
be afraid of taking chances
  Feb 2019 Shreyash Ghosh
They say we are but leaves.

Unwittingly we waiver
with the slightest caress from the sun.
With excitement we shudder,
when given a sliver of attention
from the moon.
And we rustle
with childlike glee,
when the daytime breeze
whispers its secrets playfully.

We dance, gambol and frolic...
As we celebrate our flightiness of spirits
in exuberant jubilee.

Because today...

We are welcomed here.
We are children of the world.
Seedlings of the universe.

And we revolve around a nucleus,
an anchor,
a steadfast tree..

That is you...
  Feb 2019 Shreyash Ghosh
We all negotiate this precipice
In a file towards the same.

Some walk, some tiptoe.
We do it in our own way.

We all roll the dice.
We all progress different,
when we play this game.

But in the end we’d be together...
Sharing the ground we shall sparsely lay.
  Jan 2019 Shreyash Ghosh

i wish
to infinitely
soar•in the highest
of skies•always higher,
and always more•held back by
the string that ties•i'd still welcome
hale air•as it blows stunningly
fresh•meets and carries my
body bare•bearing invi-
sible treasures in its
cache...•the errant
breeze i'd openly
fight•but i was
made with a
shoddy kit
•i'm fail-
ing and

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