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Annabella Jan 2015
I have twisted mind, my souls bent out of shape.
I’m reaching out, screaming but it’s much too late
The demons mind’s made up, there’s no turning back
My bags have been packed and my shoes are laced up
I don’t want this I don’t but the benefits I reap
Are too much and that I don’t wish to cease
Shut my mouth walk right on by
The scale is where my mind lies
Holding out on this is all that I know
A size 1 will not do at all
The demon lies in me she knows what she wants
And like it or not she’ll get it all in time
For my body, life, soul are all that’s at risk
She needs what she takes and I need what she gives.
Annabella Dec 2014
I used to smile and read all the notes
The world was so bright I knew of no ghosts
You looked over me whispered You're one in a million
They way we both shined, it was too brilliant
Something went wrong a miscommunication
You refused to see past a few complications
I stood there alone realizing you were long gone
I tried to believe that I didn't have it all wrong,
That I could live in a world of dress-up and daydreams
When I woke up you'd stand beside me,
But fairytales don't really exist and waking up hurts
I'm not a child anymore so you did your worst
After digging through the rubble trying to salvage myself
I found no reminisce of you but the scars.
Annabella Dec 2014
I guess I'm a bit Cynical, but who wouldn't be?
I've been shamed for he made me bleed
Open I was, merely a child
Love was so potent, how could it be vial?
I placed my heart in your hand walls broken down
You put it with your others didn't know a smile meant a frown.
So I'm a bit Cynical, but who wouldn't be?
It's hard to be happy with nothing left of me.

— The End —