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  Mar 2016 AngelOfSilence
Vamika Sinha
science tells you
growing into a woman
means a fuller chest and
hips just beginning to smile.
it's the new smell of blood.
it's thoughts fermenting
from grapes to wine.

art shows you
becoming a woman
is a series of quiet
a blessing to bear.
taking a little girl's hand.
leading her into
a great Somewhere.
wiping her tears
because she is afraid.

but logic and art are two
halves of one fruit.
we as humans are living proof.
with rational minds.
with paint on our hands.

so listen to yourself.

you will realize
becoming a woman
is a miracle.
a gift. a grace.
a poem dedicated to all
the little girls
and the women that screamed
for them.
Written with love, for all women.
Happy International Women's Day
AngelOfSilence Mar 2016
All these hateful words you utter
Flow into the deepest parts of my mind
When all they should do is skim the surface
They open up wounds new and old
And settle themselves in these cuts
They stay a long time
Making me go insane
Creating infections
That leave scars

I am still searching
For a cure
That will heal my mind
I am searching,
For you, my antibiotic

— The End —