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NC Sep 2018
Obsessed with something can be toxic for our self
When we go too far we'll think that our idol as God
You may think that you already have God
God that you love
God that you hold
And God that you adore
Isn't it same as your idol?
And when someone talk **** about your idol you'll get angry until you can **** someone
Depend how obsessed you're
I make sure that your idol can live with those hate
You don't need to fight back to prove them wrong
All you can do is support them

Then how about God?
God don't need you to defending Him
Because God who will defending you

Then why we became obsessed with something?
Because we don't love our self
So we need someone that we think better than ourself
We don't realize how precious you're and every man is equal

Start from loving God first, because He is the one who loves you more than anything. Then you can love yourself and love people

God is real
God loves you
And God wants the best for you
This poem is inspired from a soccer fan beaten to death by rival supporter in my country. Rest in peace H from the bottom of my heart.
  Sep 2018 NC
Daniel Ruiz
I get home early,
and as i enter my home,
i close my eyes,
and i can see
all the places i could be,

Through mud and rain,
through places no one has been before,
Through magical Forrest,
full of enchanting little foes,
that grab me by my clothe,
and sit me in a tree trunk,
by an illuminating river,
full of fish that can't swim,

I open and close them again,
and i'm with you,
Enjoying dinner,
in the street of Paris,
and as i write about how your beauty
compliments the city,
and the streets,
seem to have been created for you to walk on them,

Songs play for you,
no matter how overplayed,
These songs play for you,
in the streets,
of a foreign place to me.

I open my eyes,
i can see myself running through
the house,

4 year old me,
dreaming of being a doctor,
Playing with toy cars,
and dust off the counter,

I close my eyes again,
so i can imagine something else.
And For The rest of the day,
I had to imagine myself without you
  Sep 2018 NC
Bryan Lunsford
With smiles and laughter through the night,
I watch as she begins to get tired,
With the sight of her sleepy eyes,
As seeing what was once a live wire
Become tired right before my eyes,
It's here, in a moment of dire, she surrenders this night,
With her head resting on my chest,
As only a moment passes by, and softly, as she fails to reply,
I kiss her on her forehead,
And say "I love you angel, goodnight"
NC Sep 2018
You're not stupid
You're not ****
You're just poor in this world
Doesn't mean that you have to poor forever
Besides, you have God who loves you
And want you to be different with this world

You don't need to be famous
You dont need to be pretty
You don't need to be not-yourself
To make the society accept you
Because you already have God that accept who you are

Don't be a celebrity
Don't  make something stupid to get viral
You don't need attention all you need is love yourself and make sure that you're more happy than the other people you used to jealous before

Because you have God
God is real
God loves you
And God wants the best for you
NC Aug 2018
This is the only thing I can do, fill my heart with feelings then spill into word by word, confess by confess, tears by tears that can leave me to ease.
She doesn't know how much you matter,
How you into guns n' roses,
How you fake your laugh on the lame jokes,
And couldn’t make your day beautiful as her face,
Not yet.
But when you look into her eyes
I can see the ends as it's begins
She is the type that you about with no doubt,
She will through a long time and realize every seconds is precious.
Finally, know you better than I do, nobody's care about my feelings nobody's don't even know it's exist, they better not. I can bring my feelings to the lightest east as long as I can say the title of this poetry
  Aug 2018 NC
Mirror mirror on the wall
Am I too short? Am I too tall?  
Mirror mirror do you care?
About my clothes, About my hair?
Mirror mirror can you see?
The perfect woman I'm obsessing to be

Too skinny, too fat,
Too frumpy when I'm sat,
Untamed messy hair
Too pale when I'm bare
Circles beneath my eyes
Out of proportion for my size
Forever appearing rough
Will I ever be good enough?

Mirror mirror you ignite self rejection,
Every single time I judge my reflection
Mirror mirror I think that you lied
As you never reflect the beauty inside.
I hate mirrors. I honestly do. I think everyone has felt like this at some point, I tried to end it on a positive note, but I'll still continue hating mirrors- ******* mirror.
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