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people leave
people live
and, often,
these two
can depend
on each other
I love
your skin
my skin

To understand who I am
   You gotta know

That when I'm happy I feel sad
and that I'm always
sad when I'm feeling happy

How I yearn
Your head resting on my shoulder
Your nails digging into my skin
Your heart beating with mine
Us forever becoming one
I miss you
but I’ll never tell
not because of them,
because of you
because I don’t want
to know
‘cause even though
it was unfair
it was still your fault
because you
shoulda known
shoulda done better
shoulda hang on.

I miss you
but you’ll never know
‘cause I’ll only say it
this one time
never again.

Because you shoulda
been here
even if you were far
you shoulda stayed
and faced the tides.
Sometimes all I wanna do is
be sad
It's all I write about
It's all that I am.
Sometimes all I wanna be is
It becomes my mood
It becomes my truth
Sometimes sadness washes over me
And I let her
Like welcoming an old friend
Knowing they will soon leave
Sometimes all I am is
It drowns me in sorrow
It drowns me without color
But it's okay, they're a part of me
There's no denying it
But now they don't linger
They just come to greet me
To know about my life
And then they say goodbye
Sometimes all I wanna be is sad
And I'm alright
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