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Alan M Taylor Apr 2020
They've privatized Empires; modern holy wars.
While they sit in THEIR spires, holding what is ours.
Time to take back the entire, of what they **** us for.
The time is now ours, come and claim your form.
Work in progress.
Alan M Taylor Apr 2020
Have you ever tasted a gun barrel?
Tamed, wasting your life, cause you're born ferrel?
So tense, drawn back, like an aimed arrow?
Not knowing when release comes, do you care? No.

The fingers that keep you pulled taught, is the grip on reality we've all sought.
It's fake. Only fish hooks into our past thoughts.
Keep us on the line...and next one, till it's all gone.

So now our aimed isn't as pure, skewed by temptation.
Say my name and I'm sure, I'm viewed with damnation.
Am I insane? And I'm sure. I've got a few screws, lost on vacation.
But aren't we the same? I'm sure. Much love, and good vibrations.
Alan M Taylor Dec 2015
You let me down, you broke my crown
So I'll fly away until the angels come calling.
You've shown me how, the difference now
So I'll sail away til the light house calls me in.
All mistakes made, and words along the way.
Keep me rooted in our betrayal.
My thoughts are gone, lost in an ancient song
Hoping it will call me home again.
To your arms,
To the days we had before.
Where all we had in front of us was nothing to hold us down.
To your eyes
And the way they made me feel.
Where no one else existed, no one else was real.

Shadows dance, across the empty room, where our dreams once lived so strong.
Moonlight shows, the darker side of our beaten souls.
Nothing can hide, the scars we've endured, no one can replace, the hardness in our hearts.
Moving on seems easy, until you try it on for size.
My mind wants to forget you, my heart still refuse.
Seems my soul is the last thing to loose.
Alan M Taylor Dec 2015
Memories still invade my head
So many years since you wished me dead.
Madness deferred no longer. All that's left of me, my honor.
And I watched as everyone fled...

Where did you go?
Right when I needed you the most.
How the Hell could I have known?
Now I'm dancing with your ghost.

Empty eyes echo an empty heart.
Watching life escape the ones we harm.
The Spirit cries out in anger. Lost a friend, a brother, an angel.
Dear God, have You forsaken us?

Well, where did You go?
Right when I needed You the most?
How the Hell could I have known?
Know I'm searching for Your Ghost.

How the Hell could I perceive, the fury of those bombs?!?
Why wasn't it me, that You wanted to call Home??
Alan M Taylor Nov 2015
A fire was started with your betrayal...
You loved me like Heaven but put me thru Hell!
Now all these walls come crumbling down...
I walked away but I turned around.
And saw

Our Empire, it burns. It's glow and mistakes made light my way.
Finally I've learned and know; that this life I leave is not a life for me.

You say I left you broken and cold...
You wish my arms were yours to hold.
Ha. Baby, we've been down this road.
I've just gotta find one of my own.

Our Empire, it burns! It's glow and mistakes made light my way.
Finally I've learned and know; this life I leave is NOT a life for me!
Alan M Taylor Jul 2015
My feet may fail, only time can tell.
My brow may break, that bullet I take.
I may crash and burn, either way I'll learn,
Pour the gas and dance in the flame...

Are you fractured, from what came after?
Does your blood still simmer?
Feeling captured by regret...
I'm out of time and out of cigarettes.

You could freeze the sun, with the ice on her heart.
Cold and alone, is that all that you are?
You could stop time with the tip of her touch,
Don't dare count long, no it couldn't mean much..

Temptation follows me...holding on to what might be.
Your memory haunts me, strike me down just to watch me bleed...

Cause I am fractured, from what came after...
And my blood runs cold.
Feeling captured by regret...
I'm out of time and out of cigarettes...
Alan M Taylor Jun 2015
There's blood on my hands, that I can't erase.
There's a piece of me missing, don't you see it on my face?
Oh why did we have to die?
Night after night, I lie awake.
Fighting my demons, keeping them at bay.
Oh why can't I sleep tonight?

Left, right, left, the battle rages on.
Still haven't slept, what happened to my home?
Left, right, left, I know I'm not alone.
Least we forget, the battle rages on.

My wings have been broken, so I hit my knees
Pray that you will not see what this did to me.
No I can't take your eyes.
My pride has been jaded, by my own hands.
I'm alive tho I'm shaken, but I can still stand...
Oh I refuse to die!
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