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I scented the bees so they 
wouldn't look for it among 
the flowe­rs.
 Feb 4 Atlas
Sarah Spencer
Winter snow falling down,
blowing fiercely left to right,
making silent sound
 Aug 2021 Atlas
Dave Robertson
 Aug 2021 Atlas
Dave Robertson
Starting fires
and suggesting that they sit
in flimsy metal pits
from hardware stores or such
is all well and good
until flames remind you
they have no gods,
no morals, just free will,
while the smoke marks you its own
 Aug 2021 Atlas
 Aug 2021 Atlas
I cried a few times
When the sky did too
And decided
That the sky reflects my mood.
Today, the sky cried,
And I cried with it too,
I took it upon myself
To reflect the sky's mood.
Well, I didn't cry but seemed like a nice thing to write about. Also because I wanna post something nice next lol.
 May 2021 Atlas
atticus wilson
I don’t write to make you feel pain
I write with hope you may better understand my soul
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