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“how are you?”
im fine
f alling apart
i nsecure
n ot okay at all
e verything BUT fine
but you really dont care
do you?
 36m Atlas
Sophia Li
i am afraid,
one day I can’t recognize myself
You keep searching
But you’ll never find me
I was someone you were meant to have
But only for a fleeting moment
 16h Atlas
D Letwixt
You look at my face
With searching eyes
And I think I should want you
But I don't
 16h Atlas
She thanked me
for teaching her
to love herself again
when the only reason
I loved myself
was because of her

-em vidar
to my friend, I hope you remember what you mean to me
i was told the lowest you could go
is rock bottom
they were wrong

for i dug
 16h Atlas
 16h Atlas
I'm afraid to be alone
But somehow
It's always where I crave to be
it's interesting how i swing so rapidly
between confidence and cowardice
Is the question
    begging for confirmation
    of the asking person-
    a concealed machination?
Forget my name
I have nothing to claim
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