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Of all the secrets I kept from you,
The most sweet one was my love for you.
Abandoned at a sandy beach,
Bleeding sunlight through the countless cracks,
I , a lone catamaran,
Stared at the infinite ocean.

The sun is coming down.
The seagulls are flying to eternity.
The lighthouse far away has started blinking
And the winds are returning home.

Gone are the days of stormy adventures.
So, are the laughters on the day of good catch.
I miss the uncertainties of tempest,
And the ballads of ******.

A sunset is the most poignant moment in the life.
All your memories out there to enchant you,
Life is all frolicking around you,
And you stare soulless, into a receding red ball.

I yearn to break free of this inaction
Push away the stack of stones holding me back.
And glide down the wet slippery sands
Out into the frothing foam of life.

Let me float anchorless where the ocean takes me.
Let the storm toss me up in the air
Let the waves batter my hull
Let me capsize in the blue salt water.

And then.... there would be peace.
Its monsoon in my part of the world. One day during my morning stroll I saw this catamaran parked ashore. It oozed solitude and melancholy

The next day I saw that the wild sea has taken it and  it had capsized and was being tossed around in the waves. A sudden sense of empathy gripped me
I woke up in the deep night
Disturbed by the demons of my life

Unable to sleep peacefully,
I stared at you for long

Your eyes, those blueberries!
How I crave to kiss them.

Your lips, red phopshorous they are!
They lit up my mind to a burning desire.

Your mole, its so dark.
Never knew the colour black can be so charming

Your necklace, how I envy it?
It can stick to your ***** and listen to every beat of your heart.

If yearning for you is a sin, darling
I beckon all the fury of hell.

I can stand all its heat, for
It can't match the burning passion in my soul
An year is born
And my wishes galore

I wish to be the swirl
Of a whirling dervish

I wish to be the fingers
of a classical pianist

I wish to be the
melodious wind off a flute.

I wish to be the melting glacier
of the mighty Himalayas

I wish to be the Dew on
the first day of Spring

I wish to be her unlocked hair
when she blossoms in my passion

I wish to be the sweat on her *****
after the wildfire I set is settled.

I wish to be my unfulfilled desires
For they are the best of me.
Up there in the mountains, a mighty lake
Lies near the Valley of flowers.

Let me carry you there
It takes a day's trek.

Let's start a bonfire to match
our burning desire.

Let me wrap my hand around your hips
And we will stare at the endless horizon.

Let the lake envy your eyes,
As it can't match the depth

There I will plant a peck on your cheek,
A cheek as spotless as the lake surface .

Lie me on your lap dear, let me wrap my hand Around your waist and kiss your navel.

Bend down and kiss me, my dove.
Let me suckle the warmth of your lips

Let's put out the bonfire
And let the passion burn the night.

Let's live the life of an eternity.
In that night of perpetual bliss.
Let me whisk you away, dear
Far to the best of the beaches

Lets lie there, in the dark
We don't need light to see each other

There, I will plant a kiss on those lips
A kiss, that will blow away all your miseries

Let's ignite a passion
To ward away the cold of the night

Let the love between us spark
And beat the stars of the sky

Let's love each other there for years
And merge onto the sands

Let us be reborn as a two flowers
Nourishing each other for eternity
Every time, I tried to come near,
You nudged me away, you flower of thorns

I revelled through each rejections
For a thorn can never hurt a breeze

I revelled through each neglect,
For a flower is not known for its love, but for its fragrance.

I, blew on.
Deserts and mirages flew past
But the sweet fragrance eluded me.
The ***** of your thorns also was amiss

I swirled back.
I visited the meadows reigned by my favourite flower
But all I could see was a withered bloom.

You didn't owe me a thing
But I wished you were mine.

I am a breeze, a hopelessly romantic one.
I am a breeze that fell in love with a flower of thorns.
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