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 Jun 2019 YAYATHI
her thighs
don't  touch
And her mouth
stays shut
I demand not to be silenced, I demand to speak
 Jun 2019 YAYATHI
the other day, as i walked down the town
i saw a spiral staircase.
Like a snail's shell or a
the spiral seemed to lead you up, but down
at the same time
so I crawled down the spiral hole,
only to find myself lifted, above all ground
 Jun 2019 YAYATHI
We're in this together
First you, then me
Yes that's right!
Doing lovely.
This parts a little odd,
But don't get cold feet!

We can make something beautiful I know it.

Look, we made him smile.
What a lovely sight.
Let's do it again please.  
Together, intimate,
Left, Left, Right

Right, Left, WRONG

okay, okay,
Let's work to blend.

Give it five then make him smile again.
 Jun 2019 YAYATHI
Uma natarajan
 Jun 2019 YAYATHI
Uma natarajan
When I met the moon
It was a terrible noon
Both laughed
Until I coughed
I was covered with dust
The moon created crush and lust
It introduced to me rocks
That stood to mock
It's uneven surface blocked
And my sentiments were knocked
 Jun 2019 YAYATHI
 Jun 2019 YAYATHI
I blew the dandelion ,
The tiny parachutes
drifted to a land
They had never known❤
Today the dandelions stole my heart
 Jun 2019 YAYATHI
 Jun 2019 YAYATHI
Last time
She smiled with  her heart
But now,
She just made a curve with her mouth.
When smile cries!
Recently, I have been writing sad poems....I'm sorry for my negativity... But these are my feelings!!!
Keep smiling :)
 Jun 2019 YAYATHI
Dear friend,
 Jun 2019 YAYATHI
One day you'll have a complete heart to yourself
A heart which
will beat just for you
It will move mountains just to make you smile
It will swim across oceans just to be closer to yours
It'll feel your tears before they leave your eyes
It'll listen to your words even before they escape your lips
A heart strong enough to fight
A heart warm enough to care
A heart brave enough to love

One day you'll have the sort of heart you deserve
And baby, don't you dare settle for anything less
One day you'll come across someone who'll love you wholeheartedly
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