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Nov 2019
And again, I find myself in that familiar territory.
A bed of rocks.
Woods full of plant of thorns,
And rivers of tears.

Its all serene when you look from outside
But a fierce battle rages within.
A battle without winners or losers.
A battle without sides.

Oh, the inexplicable, unreasonable, abominable pain!
How you unsettle me,
But how I can't live without you.

Like a sharp arrow digging deep into the flesh
You dig well into my spirits.

But yet, I have started loving this.
I want no potion to get rid of you.

You are the perpetuity of my being
Those brief moments of joy are a glitch.

Oh the inexplicable, unreasonable,
abominable pain!
How  I can't live without you.
I find myself in the grip of that familiar, abominable claws of regressive depression. And somehow I find a hostage to it. A hostage with Stockholm Syndrome
Written by
YAYATHI  37/M/Kerala, India
(37/M/Kerala, India)   
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