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1.0k · Nov 2018
Critical Role
Catharsis Nov 2018
Hello, and welcome, to Critical Role
With the nerdiest voice actors in tow
Is everyone ready? Let's start the show
Sit back and watch as the rush takes it's toll

It's the nerdy show Matthew Mercer leads
With the best voice actors in tow it seems
At different tables but not different teams
Sit back and watch as the dark dice do deeds
841 · Apr 2015
A Grandmother's Story
Catharsis Apr 2015
I used to be about your age,
and actually read words on a page.
I would go climb hills and trees,
and sometimes skin my elbows and knees.
I would go outside and play,
not sit around inside all day.
I would have fun with friends,
not text them until the day ends.
If I wanted to tell something to my family far away,
I'd write it down, it would get to them in a week and a day.
Though that may be a sad thing about that life,
the rest didn't have any strife.
I was almost never bored,
that will always be adored.
So my child what would you rather choose?
To sit inside and have the blues?
Or to go outside and play,
then come in side at the end of the day,
and say,
that you had fun for once,
instead of sitting around like a dunce.
563 · Sep 2016
The Haiku
Catharsis Sep 2016
This is a Haiku,
Or maybe it's not, oh well
I really don't care.
I love and hate haikus at the same time.
226 · Dec 2018
Catharsis Dec 2018
I wonder while I wander
I wonder where I’ll wander
I wonder where I wander will be wonderful
I wonder where I wander will be worth the wander
186 · Feb 2019
Catharsis Feb 2019
Good day, sir!
Oh, hey how are-
Good bye, sir!
A common interaction with me
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