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Your smile and voice is all I remember, but I was too shy to say hello.
I miss you, I miss you so. Why did you have to go? Will I ever know?

All I wanted was to say goodbye... and I cry.
You left this world and everything behind it.

You will never know what you mean to me, cause you were a part of me... a part of me.
If only you can be saved... I would, believe me.

I will never forget when I met you, and you will be a memory.
A memory so distant, only time can tell.

And when that time comes, I will be there on the other side.
A little background of this poem...I had met Linkin Park when I was in high school, and after hearing about Chester Bennington's death, I wrote this poem.
In the dark,
all colors are blind,
except black.

Just like us..
human heart
only takes one bedroom.
If you change quilt,
don't search the lost pillow..
Love it your bed :)
  Oct 2 Muzaffer
patty m
Who remembers the greats,,historians and stars of stage and screen when their lights are extinguished. 
All their import diminished in the scheme of things. 
What lasts and why do we care when our history is wiped out or rewritten.
Each generation smitten with laying down rules, only to have them overthrown,
a mere stone thrown in an ocean of white noise. 
Do we stand poised on the edge, or out on a ledge?. 
I shed my own light on a page, waging a war on the world, 
a stray curl twirled in deepest thought brings thought unsought,
and soon I'm caught up in a snare.
Who will care if writing becomes restricted 
as predicted, the same with books they want them burned
and poetry spurned in an attempt to **** thought?
Who will lead the drive to reach the stars,
and climb the stair to who knows where?
Will our pathway be light or dark, is this our future or merely a lark?  How blighted would life be without written word,
imagination kicked to the curb?
The hell with the planets the moon and the stars
belt out your song in just eight bars,
write your fate on a forbidden page'
sage thoughts in rhyme perhaps in double times
rewinding our history, for one more adept
where the orators spoke and the audiences wept  
when anthems sung rang out so proud
we all stood up and sang aloud in joyful praise
the patriotism of saner days.  
Now all is chaos and we're the pawns
as darkness falls on priceless dawns
no paper, no ink, no sky of pink
no endless tale, no hope at all
the poets fall crumbling into a heap,
perhaps to sleep an endless sleep.  
Yet days will come when an errant breeze
will stir the cobwebs in the trees
and willful minds will start to think
and shuttered eyes begin to blink
then thoughts will stir with magic flair
until a word appears, then another
and another spinning endless spheres.  
Then up it rises from grave and ground
a surging of an endless sound
one can hear it all around.  
Rhythm and rhyme line after line
sung to a tune in three quarter time  
until people once again take pen in hand
and let their emotion and thought expand.
Perhaps poetry is our forever land
a turnkey that debunks future histories?
Never cease and desist always resist
and persist. insisting on our right to write
be it day or be it night, in war or peace, the least
amongst us has the right, the staid and true or the
fly by night.  Write on my friends and take thee heed
thank God we're such a tenancious breed.
Muzaffer Sep 29
seni sevmek,
hızlı adımla eve dönmek
bir akşamüstü

bekleyişini görmek camda
koklamak eşikte gül kurusu
sarılmak bele şüphesiz

seni sevmek,
gezinti senden habersiz
altın oran korusu

hazırlarken sofrayı misal,
dökülmek gözucuna
bardak dolusu

seni sevmek,
şal gibi omuzlarına serilmek mesela

kitap sayıklarken veranda
ayraç koyduğun yerde beklemek,
bakmak yüzüne hasretle,
mum gibi yüz hatlarında erimek

seni sevmek,
sandalyeyi çekip yatak ucuna,
rüyanı merak etmek,
dokunmak rem yerinde saçına
usulca zülüfü mühürlemek

seni sevmek,
klişe sözleri boğmak ağzımda,
bırakıp lafı göze
akışı kıvrımlara dermek

seni sevmek,
Rabbime şükretmek,
ıslatıp dudağı her öpüşte
sol yanımda çitilemek

seni sevmek vecit hali, delilik

seni sevmek,
sevişirken bile seni özlemek..

Muzaffer Sep 28
joys a short fragment, but unhappiness are full size film.
I must be in wrong cinema.
My God, can you cut to the electric, please?
Sometimes I hate this world's troubles..
Muzaffer Sep 23
a) Don't debt for love, After love is over installments are very heavy..
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