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Shabnam Oct 2021
Mahir na the jeene ke hunar me..
Phir bhi ji gaye hum to;
Aaya nahi kabhi manwana,
Honton ko si gaye hum to;
Mizaj saada tha apna..
Pani ki tarah
Log pi gaye humko.
I was not an expert in the art of living;
But I somehow managed to live,
never able to convince so I stitched my lips.
Due to my simplicity,
People took me for granted and drank me like water.
Shabnam Jul 2021
..enough to hear a sigh?
.. enough to stop someone cry..
..enough to bend without a 'why'
& enough to mend before we die?
Shabnam Apr 2021
Har chehra pur Noor lagta hai..
Har dill me suroor lagta hai.
Aayi jo neki ki bahar hai..
Gunaah ab dur lagta hai.
Har aan ek nayi justujoo hai..
har banda ab ibadatguzaar lagta hai.
Rozedar ki aankhon me Khuda ki Raza ki aarzoo hai..
Aur Khuda apne bandon ke sabar par guroor karta hai.
Qubool karle Sub ki neki Ya Rabb!
Bandi ki is ilteja ko maan le, Tu bada  Ghafoor lagta hai!
  Feb 2021 Shabnam
Hussein Dekmak
A better day:
Is feeling healthy,
A positive thought,
A kind word,
A charitable deed,
A friendly chat,
Sharing laughter,
Caressing a broken heart,
Acquiring knowledge,
Inspiring others,
Celebrating nature’s beauty,
And being touched by God's call to love!

Hussein Dekmak
Edited 2
Shabnam Jan 2021
Why not dive deep into the self..
To bring out the hidden treasures within;
The kindness the world craves for,
The much needed integrity,
The love capable of transforming,
The wisdom that guides,
The longed for justice,
The responsible attitude that demands less and serves more,
& the compassion that sees humanity in everyone.
Shabnam Dec 2020
We fall and rise..
We shatter then gather our pieces;
We laugh, we cry..
Have fun, go dry..
We smile with tears in the eyes..
We fuss and fight,
We lose, we find,
then we leave behind;
We love & hold tight,
Then let go and leave,
then fall then rise;
It's a game called "life"
It's a game called "life".
Shabnam Nov 2020
Being mindful of your words and deeds..
and conscious of offending your own soul, increases you in piety, honour and wisdom;
Bringing you ever closer to your Lord.
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