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Caught between a dream and nightmare
Stabbing mind pains this is not fair
Sleep awake living or dead
Stuck in a place called nowhere
Is this life even real, should I even question to care

Do I take a chance, dream beyond the skies
A world with the absence of light
dark with vision impaired
Infested with lies & legal crimes
Can we really live life to the fullest
When we already ensnared?

These are the questions, infesting my dreams at night
When voiceless earths screaming
Still putting up a fight
We destroy everything, just look at our historical might
Building towards exstiction
To destroy our nature, it cannot be helped.
We march valiently like lemmings to death
Some people see it
The pain in their eyes
In the corner of their smile
And the politeness of their lies
Because they know the feeling too
So they smile back
And tell their own lies

How would anyone really know if the wounds don't bleed
The wounds never heal if they have no chance to speak

So, for tonight I will drift away in my dreams..
Miscellaneous thoughts
They never make sense
They lie and take over
And never resist
I'm scared that one day
I wont be dead or alive
My mind will be forsaken
Like a dream lost in time
I couldn't tell my minds yet
Maybe I am not perfect,
I keep you in my little heart,
but I am a failed poet!

I have found the moonlight
on your happy face first,
I am always ready to fight
for you my sweetheart.

I would be a romantic cricket
and sing for you tonight
to make your dreams sweet,
Then you will feel me, I bet.
Enjoy reading my books!
My night dreams
will come true
in the morning,
if you come with me
for early walking,
my sweet darling!

My day will shine
with your love
as like a rousing,
if you smile at me
like the blazing
sun, oh my darling!

My work will find
a perfect rhythm
in your feelings,
if I reach your hands
in the late evening;
I miss you, darling!
My books are live on amazon
You are a heavenly soul
with the peaceful heart
and the full moon shines
in your shy smile.

Your eyes are beautiful
like the morning rose
Your face is shining
with an attractive mole.

Your hair is so colorful
like the sunny rainbow,
that smells in your window
and makes the air cool.

You are a happy queen
with a sweet voice;
Keep smiling always
like the moon on the ocean!
I found the sunlight
in you after the darkest nights
and see the moonlight
on your face after nightmares.

When you smile at me
my heart melts with love
When you dance at the sea
I can't hide my staring eyes.

The night-blooming jasmines
steal your smell darkly,
Maybe, you are in love
with the morning honey bees.

The clouds make the rain
in your secret streams,
The night sky brings the stars
for your sweet dreams.

My tears make me feel better
when they fall for you!
You know, it does matter
because I still love you!
I Am Loving Awareness
I Am Loving Awareness
I Am Loving Awareness
I Am Loving Awareness
I Am Loving Awareness

We are different levels of awareness.

If you consciously choose to be Loving Awareness you will be the manifest of Loving Awareness 🙏
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