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TheScarfIsPurple Dec 2019
I thought it would be just a normal day
seeing the way
clouds drifted across the sky
That is why
I wasn’t prepared
I got scared
when I heard that cry

The entire world screaming as one
Clouds catching on purple fire
blazing into the void of space
Thousand times more scorching
than Hell itself

Seas turning even more poisonous
than they already were
Swallowing lands to feed
the flames above

            Safe to say, there was panic.

Every living creature
in senseless horror
Tearing each other apart
just for a chance
to save themselves

                                     But there is no escape.

In no time
fiery skies and toxic waters
caught them


They were fed pleasures and pains
unknown to God
They were shown their innermost thoughts
and they retched in disgust
at the sight of their true selves

Mutilated beyond any recognition
so they could be born anew

they were ready
They were monsters.
Writing practice. Well this went from zero to one hundred fast...
TheScarfIsPurple Jul 2019
From my balcony far
I spotted a sleeping car
Bluest Blue
Just like you

How did it get so far
Far as my balcony bar?
I’ve got no clue
Not even for you

‘Cause when it comes to it
Do I really give a ****?
It’s just a very blue car all right?
TheScarfIsPurple Oct 2018
It hurt.

When I was a teen
all I wished for was to turn into a bird and flee

Far away, far above
Away from all the things I know

I know i'm bitter, there is no hiding
Please give me some guiding

But if I was flying..!
I could never grow.
TheScarfIsPurple Oct 2018
I know that you are lonely and sad
I'm so sorry that things have been so bad.

But there is something I want you to know
It's a secret, please don't let it show.

I'll be here
for you and I'll never let go

I'll be here
with you and I'll never let them know.

See? I am the one to trust
I'll burn everything else if I must

     |You will never be alone again|

Hear me?
I promise I will never leave you
I will support you
I will keep you safe
I am the one

I am here.
TheScarfIsPurple Oct 2018
Red and soft
hard at core
better than anything
I've known before

I know I was asleep
But I felt like a creep
Didin't even realize
When I sank too deep

I understand when i'm late
Why did I choose to wait?
Maybe it just wasn't our fate.

One more reason
for my current
A crush long lost. Maybe I should have told her.
TheScarfIsPurple Sep 2018
P r e s s u r e

They were already out
Gleaming, white
also brown, maybe a dash of black?
I couldn't have known.
but I feel wrong, as if they have already grown.

P r e s s u r e

Sockets of mine
are blind, fine

P r e s s u r e

I keep on pushing
and pushing
If that's what it takes

P r e s s u r e

To get my eyes back
The pressure I can endure, but maybe not my own
About my dream where I tried to push my eyeballs back in their place.
TheScarfIsPurple Sep 2018
Well isn't this a surprise
In a bar where all hope dies
          A girl
                        with silver in her hair
                         so sweet and fair
                         I knew her

Bold yet sweet
she would always greet

                        The o so lonely me.

How I miss those simple times

Unremembered, still not less nice.
Writing poetry at a pub can sometimes inspire.
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