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if I gave you a penny
              could I catch a kiss.

if I gave you a smile
             could I catch your lips.

If I gave you my breath
             could you hear my words.

If I gave you my heart
             could you hear its love.

If I gave you everything of me
             could you give it back..

If is to short a word to use,
          could you just look at me
saying the words *"I love you,
All strung
empty shells
of needles
      that injected
the next defense
      to keep me going
splayed upon
the coldness
            of metal
somewhere in a place
lower than
the floorboards
of the nether regions
of a private hell,
where no one sees
      the truth behind
the doors of
           beaten swords
of silken pictures
in frothy shades
of effervescent green
a smiling happy family
in which the
sounds of drowning
can only be
             vaguely heard
a faded gurgle
       in an ocean of sighs

Somewhere, there,
the pain in my veins
spreads like
a self-administered
only it's not
my prescription, at all
just a parody
from the very
    sick doctor
who shares
          this house,
meant to
be a home
one who thinks
he knows it all
but knows nothing

In this dreamlike weaving
of staring blankly
into alternative spaces
when all is so heavy
that even breathing is a task
I suddenly remember
   who the **** I am
and push my gaze through
the ceiling cracks
to look up at
         the stars,
receiving their
           of light
      like a blessing
   upon my
Thank you so much for all of your wonderful support! Your comments and responses touched my heart all day long and I felt all the spirit-hugs. I am sending those hugs right back to each and every one of you! <3 <3 ~ Lora

Words may not be fists
but they can still destroy
In the moments that most matter
In the space of tried and true
Like a hunter of pleasure I'm here to gather
In the beauty of you

I have searched beyond the seasons
Rode high on the rhythm of rhyme
Given thoughts to all the reasons
That point to the many signs

As I focus on what's before me
With nothing else this heart can do
I find over time I'm blinded by the light
That is the beauty of you

Being pulled along in the wake
Of the oceans you command
The purest of love will have its say
By any means it can

Imagine here right now forever
Never will this time be through
I do not take light holding with all of my might
All the beauty of you
How many of us

Have people in our lives

Short breathed on concern

Long winded on advice

Who would rather flap the tongue

Than take the time to find

That the art of listening

Is painted with open mind
I love the way you hold my hand

I love the way you hold my heart

When you hold my hand you are where I am

With my heart,  wherever you are
Today's my wife's birthday
Of course I had to write her a poem
Call me Gillespie
At the thought of choosing sides
This all makes me Dizzy
Where ones befuddled and the other lies

White toothed grinning alligator
Beady-eyed crocodile
Which will we regret later
We'll find out for sure after awhile

One to build a wall to keep us all
Safe from those who want a home
The other swinging doors wide open
Sweeping out deplorable's

Reading from the dictionary
They would make a lot more sense
Starting out with the B's
Blah, Blah, Blah, He said, She said

I wonder when we the sheeple
Will stand up and call their bluff
Give this all back to the people
Finally say enough's enough

Is this the best they have to offer
Who's to win this losing game
Will it be the constant cougher
Or the billionaire that's clearly insane

Sadly, this crazy train needs a conductor
To carry this fragile freight
Watch out for the Loco-motion though
As we jump track on this runaway
Mother Earth decided
To have a yard sale
From the sands on her beach
With all of its sea shells
Including all the forest green
And mountain tops as well
Even all the in-betweens
Along with everything else

Selling all her waters
The entire lot
Ponds, lakes, and winding streams
What's clean and what's not
Even comes with the fish
All ready to be caught
Puddles go for 50 cents
If that's all you've got

Feel's she's getting way too old
To take care of it all
From the largest that there is
To the smallest of the smalls
With the creatures that can walk
And those that slither and crawl
Trying her best to get full price
Before she has to discount it all

She'll pay the price for adds up front
Advertising in the almanac
Get it in early enough
So she's not stuck in the back
Make it all day Fri
And half a day on Sat
With a chance to buy it all
Wherever you are at

As Mother Earth delegently
Sets up her yard sale
All must go as you can see
Take it home for yourself
Once it's all sold and gone
She has yet to figure out
Just knows that she desperatly needs
Some time alone to herself

Bright within the sunrise sherbet
where apricot nectar reveals the sky,
the sweet harvest of morning
drips from your dawning smile
as I kiss the taste from
cinnamon cream lips
enjoying the flavor of us
I am the moment before the sun
I am the light you see on a dark moon
I am the eye of a typhoon

I taught the birds to fly
I taught the child to ask why
Who am I

I put the steps into caterpillars
Showed the leaves how to fall
Tore down every wall

I ran with the Buffalo
Dove with the whales
Know who I am then do tell

I am the dirt beneath your feet
The sky so tall
I am the fly upon your wall

I am the ache in your head
The pain in your heart
I know when to end  , when to start

Who am I
Show me the path
That's narrow and straight
I'll put on my shoes
And be on my way
I'll turn to the blues
And tell them to stay
If my shoe strings come loose
I'll leave them where they lay

There won't be a thing
Holding me back
I'll throw over my shoulder
A single backpack
With nothing in it
As there'll be nothing I lack
As I follow in life
This chosen path
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