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 May 2016 Tamia Garner
we all know what goes on inside
a broken heart
like that parched lonely plant
craving for a drop of rain
do not go by the picture they present
to the eyes that see
a form that exists and will survive,
is crying out for help inside
try to listen or it will die
don't leave, don't leave oh passerby
feel, touch and heal
a broken heart
troubled families behind closed doors
before they **** themselves
and you'll wonder
what griefs gnawed them fine looking people
don't leave, don't leave oh passerby
pause and look for a while
the universe is your family
help and heal
these gaping wounds..
and hence you shall heal yourself.
Hating the rich won't make you wealthy. Bashing thin women won't make you skinnier and bashing someone you think is  ugly makes you more hideous.
Asked to be safe, to be calm,
with the suction-pores of each palm.
Lips in twist with skin so sour,
drawing blood to drown a flower.
Pulling back, to study faces,
shaking out of sure embraces,
her heels kicked out
and her face soon followed,
and what she left,
I chewed and swallowed.
 May 2016 Tamia Garner
What if
Death is alive?
Sorry, I must have confused you there.

No, I mean Death is anthropomorphic
Invisible to us
But everything it touches
Dies along with its name.

Scary, or sad?
Think about it
He couldn't even touch plants, anything!
Even metals rust
When his hands touched them.

For me, that's sad.
But think about this one for a second.

What if one day
Death falls in love with Life
And he decides that he wants to touch her
For the first and the last time
In forever?
Anthropomorphic = humanoid
 May 2016 Tamia Garner
The parking lot
Is empty
The ballroom is a mess
There’s an untouched
Cake next to
An unworn dress
Today should have
Dawned a perfect new start
Now the champagne is nursing
A broken heart
Its simply very easy.
Kiss them.
Hold them.
Make them feel safe.

Then leave them.

Don't call them.
Don't text them.

Then show up out of the blue
With an
"I still love you"
On the tip of your tongue
With another girls Hickeys
Necklaced on your neck.

Keep your distance.
Call them late at night.
Fall asleep on the phone
To them.

Give them hope.
Remind them that
They'll **** themselves eventually.

— The End —