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Forget what they tell you
About being a masterpiece
You are not art

You are not stagnate beauty,
Nor were you created for the pleasure of others

You were not meant to be marveled at
by the simple minded
Or ridiculed for your every flaw

You are not art

You are wind
Sending chills through the bones
of those in your presence

You are fire
Spitting embers with a coal-coated tongue

You are water
A bubbling stream of euphoric laughter

No, you are not art
You are so much more
  Nov 2015 Silent Starfish
Kaela Warner
The weight of the darkness
poring into the lonely sole
Like a star suffocating in the night sky
I felt myself drifting away
deeper into the endless nightmare
that surrounds my world
  Nov 2015 Silent Starfish
Sara Jones
The future is a lie put in place by people who want to see us waste our time worrying about it
  Nov 2015 Silent Starfish
I wish we could go to sleep
and dream ourselves
into each other's arms.
You are my coffee
Not just in the morning
You keep me awake even at night
With thought of you that's never ending
Thank you for chosing this piece for the Daily.  This is my first so I am so happy, grateful and more inspired to write.
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