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Somebody Nobody Dec 2017
I loved this place,
But now I know that it was temporary relief.
All I know is that I need to leave.
There’s no point in me staying,
There’s nothing and no-one anchoring me down
Not anymore at least.
Maybe it’s time I left.
I’ve got no one to say my final goodbyes to,
I’ve got nothing to leave here.
I’ve got nothing.
Somebody Nobody Dec 2017
It was just in her to smile,
programmed at birth.

Her smile was bright,
enough to light up a bleak room.

She was a joy to have around,
the warmth some needed in their life.

But not anymore.

Her smile's faded,
leaving no trace of it ever being there.

She's stone cold,
unable to feel happiness.

She's fought back with all she could,
but it's not in her anymore.

And they wonder why.

They ask her,
"Where's the old girl I know? It's too quiet."
She doesn't lie, so she can't say that it isn't them.

So now she walks down a lonely path,
one that she wouldn't voluntarily walk,
but has to.

She's lost her most beautiful trait,
and she's willing to take it back.
Somebody Nobody Dec 2017
Losing a best friend
is like having part of your soul ripped from you.

But it really stings
if they did it voluntarily.

She seduced my best friend,
and he forgot all about me the next day.

He lied to me.

But I have to ask myself,
how did she charm him
in the course of a couple weeks,
that made him forget about me,
who he's known for years.

Was I not good enough?
  Dec 2017 Somebody Nobody
For once give me a good lie
Tell me you love me
Tell me I'm worth your while
Tell me you appreciate me

For once give me a reason to breathe
Tell me I should go on
Tell me things are worth the wait
Tell me you'll support me 'til the end

For once comfort me in your arms
Tell me everything will be alright
Tell me I'm going to be fine
Tell me you'll hold me tight

For once make me feel I'm not wrong
Tell me sweet nothings and such
Tell me things that I longed
Tell me my heart is on the right track

For once, just for once
Tell me what I needed to hear
Tell me lies to make my heart heal
Tell me words that would change what I feel
We all been desperate like this right?
Somebody Nobody Dec 2017
How could you?
After all we've been through,
You seem to have forgotten me.

Because of one pretty girl,
All you do now is
Leave me.
Every time we talk, you try to find a way out of it.

You didn't give a crap about me

And now I know why.
Somebody Nobody Dec 2017
I'm not broken anymore,
because I've already pieced myself together.

I'm not empty anymore,
because I feel something resting inside of me.

I'm not lonely anymore,
because of you.

You've filled me with warmth,
in these cold seasons.

I'm probably not worthy of your attention,
and your care,
but you gave it to me anyways.

You've let me breathe,
and helped me to live.

I can't find the correct words to express my gratitude,
for "thank you" is too easy,
and I don't know of a word to describe how I feel.
Dedicated to my real friends, Jesus Garibay, Grettee P., Sam (a poet on this site),  and Jonathan Garcia. I thank you all.
Somebody Nobody Dec 2017
Why are you like this?

Everyday, it's a battle.
You try to get me angry,
but it doesn't work.

Everyday, in order for you to have something to talk about,
you try to make me cause a scene.


I don't know what you gain from it,
nor what you want from me.

People happen to like me more than you,
so why do you tell them:
"She got mad at me for no reason"?

They know.

They know that you try to aggravate me,
that you try to get under my skin.

Is this some sort of accomplishment for you?

I'm sorry but you don't mean anything to me,
so I'd appreciate it if you stopped trying.

You're just hurting yourself.
Sorry for rambling on, but this poem doesn't really make sense without a little background. I'm still in school, and there's this one guy, Aaron, who always tries to make me angry. He proceeds to say when people ask, "She got mad for no reason" or "I was just joking". Honestly, it's one of the most annoying instances that I have to endure everyday.  When I say something like: "I don't appreciate how you're acting", he goes around and brags like it's an actual achievement. My friends don't like it and usually defend me. Thanks for reading!
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