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MWilson Jul 20
I run from 2
One is red
One is blue

I run from red because it makes me feel like im about to break
Not knowing how much more I can take

I run from blue
Not fast enough though

There's nothing I can do

Blue resides in my head and behind my eyes
Blue is what I truly despise

Blue so much faster than red
It feels like it owns me
Feels like my master

Red used to be around so much more
Until I couldn't take it anymore

That feeling of dread
Straight to my core

Blue is what I've ran from since I've been eight
Blue is the color I truly ******* hate.
MWilson Jul 20
I have so many questions
That I need the answers to

But now that you're gone
I have no way to ask you

All I have are photos and a box of clothes left of you
Id give anything in the world just to get one more chance
to stand next to you

Its been awhile and I can still hear your voice
I know you never would have left us
If it was your choice

These words aren't sad
They are just very true

I have never watched law and order again
Since it can't be with you

I wish you knew how hard we tried to bring you back to
But you were already gone

We couldn't save you

These words aren't sad
They aren't depressing

They are as real as it can be
When I think about the first time in my life I saw reality

I know you are gone
You will be forever
But the day that I forget about you will be never.

— The End —