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Mercedes May 20
I'm not asking you to promise
That you'll love me forever
Because I know things change
And people do too

All I'm asking
Is that if I ever cease to be your escape
from the rest of the world
If we ever become the storm
instead of the shelter
All I'm asking is that you
Be brave enough for the both of us
And say goodbye
Mercedes May 20
I think that was when
I was most myself

In the early morning
Before the rest of the world
was telling us who we should be

When we could be alone together
Sipping coffee
And slipping into each other completely
#love #life #expectations #romantic
Mercedes May 20
And in the end
even if all I ever did accomplish
was bearing witness to your wonder
I will still consider it
a life well lived
Mercedes May 20
Puddles of salted caramel
in his eyes
And I
like a sugar fiend
was drowning in them

— The End —