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863 · Jul 2020
Thank You
Mercedes Quammie Jul 2020
Thank you for destroying me
And I say it with the utmost sincerity
Thank you

For forcing me to walk through the rubble
inspecting brick by broken brick
recognising all the cracks in my foundation

Thank you for forcing me
to figure out all the reasons why
I had been so fragile in the first place
348 · Jul 2020
The in-between
Mercedes Quammie Jul 2020
I fell in love
in the in-between moments.

When you weren't trying
to convince me
When you weren't trying
to convince yourself

I fell in love
in those fleeting moments
when I got to see

But even the tiniest glimpse
of your bare naked soul
255 · Nov 2020
Mercedes Quammie Nov 2020
People getting shot for who they lay with

And bombed for who they pray with

Brutalized and murdered

For the color of their skin

But this battle that we're fighting

Is one we can’t win

In the never ending war

Of them versus us

There will always be "others"

That you're not supposed to trust

The gays are ruining marriage

Latinos selling drugs

All Muslims are terrorists

All Black people thugs

So sad and disheartening  

how easy we forget

These labels are imaginary

They don’t make someone a threat

Because race is nothing but a construct

Borders just invisible lines

Let's stop letting them divide us

Let’s just be humanKIND

— The End —