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Rnw May 2019
I’m scared I’m losing you
My whole life is built around you
I have come to terms with the heart ache you cause me

For it is not the fear of losing you which upsets
It is the fear I will still be here in 10 years time
Here crying myself to sleep again
Begging you to look after me

You have never cared for me properly
Not properly how it should be
you have never been consistent in anything
Apart from the way you put me down

You don’t even know me
You’ve never properly got to know me
Everything is about you
I just went under the radar

And now I’m so very afraid
I long for you to love me the way I love you
you have broke me and made me someone insignificant
You don’t like to see me happy or doing well
You never have
There’s nothing more painful than feeling worthless and unwanted by the one you long for the most
Rnw Aug 2016
I was never self conscious until six months ago when I met you
I realised that my hair was too short , my *** wasn't big enough , my stomach was not flat enough and my ******* not large enough.
I used to love my short hair , little *** , chubby stomach and perky ******* it's all changed now all I want to do is change my appearance and be like one of those girls you love so fondly
I am and forever will be sorry I leave you unsatisfied
Rnw Jun 2016
And there I go again,
You were perfect
But I held you back,
I dragged you down
You can’t force your love on someone,
I learnt the hard way
Life is black and white
If someone does not want you there’s no trying to change their mind
Rnw May 2016
Before I met you my head was filled with thoughts of hatred and anger,
I didn’t want to be touched by anyone I hated myself,
Then you came along and sent my whole world into a spiral
I was completely captivated by you
But I wasn’t meant for you you seemed to aim much higher
My first and only heartbreak from a boy who was scared to love me back
Rnw Apr 2016
And he knows he shouldn't have made her fall for him,
For she was the sun ,
but he found comfort in the night.
Rnw Nov 2015
It's crazy isn't it that after all
The people there to help
Just watch us
Rnw Mar 2015
Like cutting through fish
My wrists bled
And the stench of the sea filled each nostril.
I cried salty tears and wept over swept away memories, like the tide people come and go.
Goodbye sailor
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