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5.1k · Apr 2015
The old windmill smiled
Louella Apr 2015
They kissed there for the very first time.
Their hearts pounding as the storm lashed the trees.
They made love there furtively on the grass.
The first humans to ever make love.
Five decades later, their grand kids stood there, a faded b/w picture in hand.

The old windmill smiled.
2.0k · Apr 2015
Louella Apr 2015
The soft silver in a grandma's hair.
The trophy purple of a love bruise.
The blushing pink of just kissed lips.
The unfathomable grey in a lover's eye.

Life gives you the colours.
Assemble your own rainbow.
1.0k · Apr 2015
That wonderful thing
Louella Apr 2015
In the patience of the seed,
In the life waiting hushed beneath the snow,
In the longing of the night for dawn,
In the tiny tendril peeking through
a pavement crack,
In the little boy's terrified heart as she opens his note in class,
that wonderful thing: hope.
For the young man who said earlier today, 'write something nice and positive about hope'
819 · Apr 2015
Louella Apr 2015
'Why', he said.
'Because', she said 'I can't love anyone the way I loved you. Not even you'.
#⃣Love #⃣irony#⃣reasons #⃣her #⃣breakup #⃣heartbreak
764 · Apr 2015
Louella Apr 2015
She sat there, the sun in her raven hair, baring her soul to him.
He sat there enchanted, nodding at all the right moments,
mentally ******* her.
#⃣Funny #⃣ irony #⃣hilarious #⃣ life #⃣somethingsjustare #⃣relationships #love # you
660 · Mar 2015
Louella Mar 2015
'I love you', he said. 'But I am not in love with you'.
' Interesting', she said. 'You never bothered to clarify when you were on top of me'.

— The End —