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Met in El Paso in the security line
I was headed back home and you were out of your mind
The heat was in both our eyes
Long nights and stale flights made it easy to say goodbye

Somewhere out on the eastern shores
You were waiting tables, going through strangers' doors
I stopped in one night for a drink
When you saw my face, you froze in place and tried to think

Met once more in a Catholic church
Where forever was promised that we would make it work
We'll meet once more, I know
Somewhere above, still in love, where all our loved ones go
 Oct 2017 Rachel Mena
Lior Gavra
When a tweet, no longer comes from a bird.
A message, no longer written in words.
A picture, determines your current worth.
A swipe, is not for payments against earns.

Your world, no longer restricted to earth.
Your voice, can control your universe.
Games, without company, a box.
Books, used to be written, forgot.

Love was in letters, not characters.
Eyes looked straight, not down.
Communication, in touch were sound.
Reactions, were not button frowns.

Food shared, not delivered.
Noise surrounded, not muted.
Hands shaken, not email awaken.
The world was claimed, but not hidden.

An automated world,
not an automated me.
 Feb 2017 Rachel Mena
May our prayers be as incense rising up
Our joys and sufferings, our longings, be a sweet perfume unto you
We bow our heads, we bend our knees
We lift our hearts and we begin to find peace.
We lift our voices and our hands
Sing together across seas and land.
Lifted up as we fall down
We, the nail in your hands, a thorn on the crown.

You are loved more dearly than you'll ever know.
Hold my hand, follow me into the light, we'll take it slow.
You're walking on the water while the waves and wind rage on
But fear not, I'll never let you go.
I have heard your cries, I have heard your prayers.
Though you forsake me, I will never forsake you.
I hold you in my hand, I hold the sun in place,
I know you, I love you, I give you my life:
Will you do the same for me?
Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, welcome the sinner and the saint.
Welcome the poor into your home and into your heart.

You do the same for me;
You make me all I am.
You raise me up to more than I can be on my own.
You fill my soul with your song,
You sing your love over my life and I'm amazed.
I'm aware of your presence, but sometimes I can't see
The greatness of your master plan and why it has to be.
But I trust you, Lord help me to believe.

Some day I'll understand the wisdom of your plan
When all will be revealed and all will be made new
When I'm finally home where I can be with you.

But until that time Lord, be with me today.
Free me from these chains that bind, be here with me always.

Written during Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Huntley.
Rain dapples in fens of the marshland brooks,
Among the rue hillocks of the sapling woods,

What little peace may fall to drop the shivering
Leaves, rood of the sun, a crop, kestrels quiver

In midair, to keep as they sway into the stations
Of all minions moused who faulter in formation

And bright is birth, when night clothes the day,
As all the mornings long, song of hope, in May.
I, too, was once a man
in search of guiding light.
Hopeless, lost, alone
and ready to give up the fight.

When a helping hand reached out,
unencumbered by my weight
and took it upon themselves
to pull me from Hell's gate.

Self sacrifice; a virtue
that I would someday know
to be the shelter that I found
beneath the cape of my hero.

Confide in me, my darling;
I'll be your great escape.
It was written in the starlight
that I would don the cape.
A gentleman holds my hand.

A man pulls my hair.

A soulmate will do both.

― Alessandra Torre
A poem on how to treat women, and I always remember these simple words.
No longer afraid, no longer alone
Because I am a child of God
Saved and rescued, I'm finally home
Because I am a child of God
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