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Jul 30 · 65
All it takes
Pyrrha Jul 30
A single intrusive thought
A nostalgic song
Any little thing that reminds me of how your words felt
When they caressed against my heart

I engraved each syllable in my mind
A permanent reminder of the love
That felt like sunlight through clouds;
Starlight through trees

All it takes is one little thing
And I am yours again
Jul 30 · 267
Torches we carry
Pyrrha Jul 30
I say that being your friend
Is my favorite sacrifice
But the torch I carry
Is a flame that burns like no other
Maybe if I stay close to this fire
One day I'll no longer be able to blister
Jul 30 · 201
Ballroom of Memories
Pyrrha Jul 30
The way we danced around the words
Talking about how good things were
The good old days and all the things
That we used to laugh about

But things were good when we were in love
But we learned quick that sometimes
Love is just not enough
But when we look back now

There's only before and after
We dance around the times we were together
There's an unspoken pain we share
All the what if's and "why didn't we's"

Nostalgia breaks my heart
Thinking about our love that was art
And how it all just fell apart
But we just twirl, we just spin

We dance around those words
This is about remembering me and my ex who is still a very close friends were talking and remembering the old days, there was such awkwardness in the ways we said "when we were together" and "when we dated" that I felt needed a poem
Jul 21 · 211
Under the Roses
Pyrrha Jul 21
I keep my love for you
under the roses
with eternal petals
in full bloom

The thorns I keep
inside my mind
so I think of you
from time to time
When I publish a poetry book and my fantasy book series someday- this specific poem is gonna be hilarious to me
Jul 19 · 409
Deep talks
Pyrrha Jul 19
I know that I’ve no right to feel
These feelings weighing down on me
But every time we have these talks
The feelings come crashing back to me

Being kind is the cruelest thing you do to me
Jul 19 · 228
Subtle Things
Pyrrha Jul 19
I fell in love with
phone calls out of nowhere
deep and endless talks
and the sound of your chuckles

I fell in love with
pointless banter
silly exchanges
and I love you's

I fell in love with
the way you made me laugh
the way you made me smile
and the way you made me cry

I fell in love with
the way you confided in me
the way that you trusted me
and the bravery in your heart

I fell in love with
smokey eyes
long hair
and honesty

I fell in love with
subtle things
and it's all those little things
that I can't live without
Jul 15 · 138
Phone call
Pyrrha Jul 15
After a long day of working on my feet
I love him more than I need to eat
Though my eyes are heavy and body's worn
I love him more than I want to sleep
It's been so long since I heard him speak
Pyrrha Jul 15
I've had 9 years to know you
It makes me envy cats,
I wish I had 9 lives to love you
Jul 15 · 227
Solemn Sobriety
Pyrrha Jul 15
Sunbeams dance in his Smokey Quartz eyes
They meet mine like a subtle kiss
He speaks my name in cursive letters
The sound is like a gentle rain
The way he smiles is intoxicating
I get drunk off the ambrosia that is him

He effortlessly captivates me
Pyrrha Jul 15
Love lays dormant in cemeteries
Sometimes Love claws with bare hands
Out of the grave and back into our arms
Sometimes Love comes back
When the longing outweighs
The ****** hands and broken nails

But Love does not always return
Sometimes Love comes back an urn
The ash of the flame that burned so bright
That it burnt out
Love does not always make it
To cathedral's and wedding halls

Not all bells sound from chapel walls or venue halls
Sometimes the only ringing bells Love hears
Are the ones that bid farewell
The ones we hang with lingering hope
That with a pull of the string
Love will resurrect

But we never forget Love
No matter how small, quick or painful
Love's place in our chests never leaves
In our Mausoleum of Broken Hearts
Lay bouquets of black roses and forget-me-nots
While we wait for love to awake
Jul 15 · 123
White Knight
Pyrrha Jul 15
When others talk
behind your back
misplace your trust
and turn your hope
into scattered dust

While you dwell
on broken promises
heartbreaks and losses
as every bone trembles
looking for some solace

Know when times were rough
and hope was not enough
you were my white knight
and in my life you will always
be the boy with all my love
Jul 15 · 202
In my thoughts
Pyrrha Jul 15
I can't count the days that you've been gone
But I can count the many tears that you have filled
I can't count the many lies that you've told
But I can count all the truths I have found and burned
Against my better judgment, I did it for you
I ignored the itching feeling that something was wrong

Against my will you've invaded my mind
As soon as I think I have finally won,
That you are finally gone
You return once more
Once again a shadow in my thoughts

I take all my pillows and try to suffocate
Every memory that tries to come to life again
And like some ethereal force you rip them out of my hands
So that all I think about is you
The shadow in my thoughts
Jul 15 · 196
Pyrrha Jul 15
You are the poetry I wish I could write
Every feeling I get around you
Every word of yours I absorb
Every stare I wish I could immortalize
You are the reason I love to write
You challenge me to describe how I feel
Even when none of these words feel just right
You are the poem I read over and over in my head

The one I wish was mine
Jul 15 · 195
Untitled 20
Pyrrha Jul 15
In the radiant sun I am exposed to all
In the sunlights embrace I become vulnerable
At night I am protected by all the stars
Veiled under starlight I become something new

Insecurity is brushed away
Pulled back into the shores of my ocean of emotions
A wave of confidence crashes against
And floods my world of anxiety

Under the starlight I transform
I am no longer coward to the eyes of others
I am simply me
A girl surrounded in stars
Jul 15 · 182
Your playlist on repeat
Pyrrha Jul 15
How can I forget you
When every song I hear reminds me of you?
How can I erase you
When there is nothing that could replace you?
How do I live without you
When you surround me in everything I see?
How do I leave you
If I still dream of all we could be?
Jul 15 · 167
Pyrrha Jul 15
I've wished on dandelions
Stars and constellations
To make my love for you fade
I've begged angels
Gods and fae
To make your love stay
I never seem to make the right wish
Because I still love you
And you have moved on without me
But in my dreams I still see your smile
And you still tell me how you love me

Why is it I can only have you in fantasy?
Jul 15 · 116
Green sleeves
Pyrrha Jul 15
Sometimes I smile thinking of him,
then those green thoughts creep inside my head
Who else has he enraptured the way that he has me?
It makes me feel hollow inside
It's a feeling filled with envy, filled with dread
Who else gets stuck inside his head?
Jul 15 · 126
Sea of Devotion
Pyrrha Jul 15
I need to find someone else to love
I have oceans and oceans full for you
But you haven't got a single drop for me
Jul 14 · 181
Pyrrha Jul 14
I remember how
    he used to say my name
    and it only ever sounded right
    when said by him
I remember how
    he used to say he loved me more
    than I loved him
    he wasn't ever ashamed or shy

I remember how
    it felt to be loved by him
    even if it was just a whim
    it didn't feel like it was pretend

I remember how
    since I never could forget-
     I will never love anyone else
    As much as I love him
Jul 8 · 39
Pyrrha Jul 8
He means the world to me
But nothing to himself
He is everything to me
How can I make him see?

That he has golden ichor in his veins
His heart beats a mythic tune
When he speaks my world comes undone
A siren sound that lures me close
With his eyes of Smokey Quartz
And the ambrosia on his tongue

Flowers wilt and rot
Yet every season he remains
He’s a treasure that can’t be hidden away
He is priceless in my eyes,
I’ll bleed the world till it sees
Pyrrha Jan 22
Sometimes sweet things are better left a memory
Trying to turn back time
Trying to make things right
Sometimes only leaves a sour taste behind

Sometimes we don't need closure, we need the mystery
Nov 2021 · 164
Pyrrha Nov 2021
You wished on dandelions and ladybugs
For someone to come to you with love
It isn't my fault the Gods sent me,
That I was not up to your standards

You're no Sapphire stone
You who are made of rust and ruin
I didn't ask for you either
Someone of Peridot and Amber,
Would suit me far better
No because did I predict my next love interest with this-
This was a draft I found and don't remember who it was about
Nov 2021 · 1.2k
Pyrrha Nov 2021
I try to say
Walking a thousand painful steps forward
Is better than a stagnant suffering
But really what I'm saying is
If it will hurt anyway
It's best to forget yesterday
And hurry to tomorrow
Where someday will come
And a tomorrow will wipe away the sins
That yesterday left on your soul
Also found this in my drafts and decided to post it
Nov 2021 · 194
Pyrrha Nov 2021
I want to be like a dandelion
Full of color and patience
Waiting for the day to come
Where I'm free to fly away
I found this in my drafts and I don't remember what this was about or why I didn't post it
Nov 2021 · 1.2k
Whirling Wizards
Pyrrha Nov 2021
I tried to make my favorite tea today
The one you introduced to me
But now that you're gone
It doesn't taste so sweet
Title is the name of the blend.
Nov 2021 · 1.7k
Blue Flags
Pyrrha Nov 2021
Late night phone calls
Conversations and sapphic dreams
Days got so long
I couldn't keep her entertained
It’s haunting and painful
Loving what you can’t hold

Coldness crept beneath the warmth
I thought she gave
Ensnared me; constricting
I couldn’t breathe
Thought I was breathless because I loved her
But she killed me with her sweetness

Worry, confusion
Tainted memories
Agony and heartache
Looking back in vain

I’m blurry, misguided
Troubled and insecure
Uncertain and lonely
Trying to find a cure
To all of my despair
Thought she was something more

Wet and red
As my wrists bled
She was there
In every tear I shed
What a haunting way
To honor
The memory of a ghost

Priestess in my memories
Temptress in my dreams
Why was it so easy?
So easy to leave me?
To hurt me?
How was it so easy to let me go?

I’m still holding on
To all the things I can’t recall
You must have took them all
On our last call
The sound of your laughter
The sound of your voice
Choking on your tears
I still remember

Worry, confusion
Tainted memories
In the tea stained color
Of her eyes
Agony and heartache
Looking back in vain

I’m blurry, misguided
Troubled and insecure
Uncertain and lonely
Trying to find a cure
To all of my despair
Thought she was something more
But I was colorblind, I should’ve known
When our love was blue in a world of red
This is a song I wrote based on my last poem, Sapphic dreams. For context it is about someone I loved who ghosted me out of nowhere. A fun fact, the tea line has a double significance because not only are her eyes brown but she introduced me to my love of tea as well as my favorite blend- I can't even drink it now. The reason I say our love was blue and called it blue flags was because that was her favorite color. If you see a previous poem of mine called Blue that is about a different ex, guess I should avoid people who like the dreadful hue.
Nov 2021 · 1.1k
Sapphic Poem
Pyrrha Nov 2021
How could I spell out love when it is absent of her name?
The way her eyes reflected a sunrise, the envy of Eos
She was like honey in the sky, the amber of her energy enraptured me
      I was bewitched

She was a masterpiece drawn with starlight, unfathomable beauty
An ivory sculpture crafted by the hands of a god, masterpiece of Hephaestus
I remember the time I was blessed by that smile,
     A vilified promise

The scent of patchouli and the taste of my favorite tea
Like ambrosia for a mortal, that sweet taste of paradise
Sunflowers and the many other favorites that she gave me
     Stolen without a word

She used to call me late at night to talk about her day
But the days for me got longer, I couldn't keep her entertained
Such a coldness hid underneath the warmth I thought she gave me
     Gone like a ghost in the night

I thought I was breathless because I loved her, now I’m suffocated by the agony
She was killing me underneath the sweetness, constricting like a boa
And when I close my eyes to see the memories lapse she's still in them
     Haunting me like she wanted

Eros' is golden arrows struck me hard and shamelessly
Through my heart and left a scar, chasmic and wide
Her toxic serotonin left me high, addicted to her energy
     A limitless euphoria

I spoke to the gods above and I told them of my love
What a liar she's made me out to be, the clever snake
I begged that Aphrodite let my words reach her
     But they fell on deaf ears

Now I pray that Anteros relieves me and hears my plea
Unravel these feelings in my heart, lift the anchor of her name
Don't let me be the sole carrier of the blame
     For the ruin that remains
Someone I was rather close to and lowkey in love with ghosted me out of nowhere, I wrote this about it. We are both magic practitioners so there are lots of references to it.
Aug 2021 · 90
Imaginary friends
Pyrrha Aug 2021
I have a bad habit of getting close to people quickly
So few people bother to notice or talk to me
Perhaps I crave the feeling of being real through their validation
It's unhealthy, but you try going through life made of cellophane like a ghost- even the psychics don't see me
I have a bad habit of allowing others to become important and irreplaceable too quickly
So when they leave it feels like nothing will ever be the same
It's unhealthy, but when your only friends are the ones you create in daydreams- you learn to latch on to the real ones
I suppose nothing is real
If walking away is so easy
Then there never was a realness to it
Maybe if you were just another creation of my imagination
I wouldn't feel so bad
I wouldn't go to sleep hungry and wake up feeling full
Maybe I wouldn't have to wipe my tears and pretend they never fell
Or maybe then you'd never walk away, because in my mind is the only place anyone ever truly stays
Aug 2021 · 81
Are you satisfied?
Pyrrha Aug 2021
I've had many, many goodbyes in my life
But none felt as bitter or cruel as yours
Was my job just to make you feel better for a time
Entertain you until you didn't need me anymore?
To say that you cared then to cast me away so easily
I feel like I am concurrently going through all 5 stages of grief
As if something has been ripped out from within me
Some vital ***** with an unknown function

To say goodbye
Then ask me if I'm alright?
After cutting me down my spine
You ask me if I'm alright?
You've taken my last will to fight
Goodbye never felt so shallow
Goodbye never felt so betraying
Aug 2021 · 65
Pyrrha Aug 2021
I feel as if all this bottled anxiety is eating me alive from within
There is nothing left of me but it
To all the people who've walked away without me

Thank you for teaching me that I'm not worth the time to get to know
Thank you for teaching me that when I'm open it's better to be closed
And thank you for leading me on to believe I had hope
Then crushing it in front of me like butterfly wings or the petal of a rose
Aug 2021 · 92
Last straws
Pyrrha Aug 2021
Each time I think I'm at my breaking point, I catch my breath
And then I'm hit again with the feeling that I don't fit in here
That my every breath is one too many

Why do I have to exist in a world of feeling
When all that's there is misery
What did I do in my past life that was so wrong
That it forced me to lead this life of loneliness?

Now that I'm pushed to suffocation
How do I hold on to this final straw?
All the rest are gone so what's the point of holding on?
Aug 2021 · 61
What is wrong with me?
Pyrrha Aug 2021
The closer people get to me the faster they seem to walk away
When I find someone I can confide in, show my vulnerability
They can't even tell and I guess that's what's wrong with me

My words are cold and lackluster
They leave you feeling confused
Questioning their motive

I try to hard to be fair and unperceivable
Because the moment I am perceived they see I'm full of flaws
No one stays around long enough to prove me wrong
Aug 2021 · 397
Dionysus; savior of Ariadne
Pyrrha Aug 2021
A toast to the two of us
Left behind, forgotten over time
Used as pawns of pleasure and tossed aside
Maps to hidden treasures abandoned after the journey

A toast to the two of us
On this day where we are one
Where I see you
And you see me

A toast to you,
For no particular reason

A toast to us,
For all that we can be
Let the stars commemorate this day
So for eternity we can see it
Carved into the sky
And no one will ever forget or use you again

A toast to us,
For all that we will be
Let my love be enough for you
To quell your tears and give you joy forever
To Hades and back, my dedication to you is eternal
The stars refer to Corona, the crown Dionysus gave to Ariadne on their wedding day and turned into a constellation
Aug 2021 · 71
Shadow self
Pyrrha Aug 2021
Motivation lies beneath the surface of my skin
Peel it back and let the deprecation sink in
But where do we begin?
From the fingertips where all my mistakes are made?
Underneath my shoulders where all my burdens are carried?
The flesh of my chest where my beating heart laments?
Or perhaps behind my face, see what lies beneath the mask?
Where do we begin, to see what lies within?
Jul 2021 · 118
A cage with open doors
Pyrrha Jul 2021
Is it guilt that drives you?
Am I some sort of obligation?
My future that dangles on a tightrope
Balancing between credit cards and report cards
Feels like cheese in a mousetrap
What if I don't want this?
What if this is my only way to run away
To free myself from these chains used to drown me
If you want me to succeed
Then why after every step forwards
You force me to walk two steps back
Backing me against a wall of needles
Nowhere to turn or run but forward
But their selfish hands press my back against the wall
Through blood and tears I grit my teeth against the pain
Is this what unconditional love is like?
Is trust only built through hurt?

Yes, my cage has open doors
But the demons who lurk outside
Make the damask interior feel like safety
Jul 2021 · 69
Learning how to feel
Pyrrha Jul 2021
My heart flutters
My eyes tear up
My stomach drops
My body tingles
Suddenly these foreign fleeting feelings
Are mine to unravel, uncover and unite
I wanna make this longer and different, but I am too lazy to fully get out the thought
Jul 2021 · 513
Pyrrha Jul 2021
He was like an ambrosia flavored poison
Tastes so good but rots you from inside out
Jun 2021 · 258
A letter to my parents
Pyrrha Jun 2021
"I'll just suffer" became my catch phrase because I learned from you that if I ask for help I will not recieve it. In it's stead I will recieve unkind words, judgment and beratement for all the things I already acknowledged my failure in and already feel bad enough about. That burden is acid in my mouth, it's the reason I can't sleep at night. Knowing that if I come to you for help another obstacle will fall before me.

I have learned that I can't turn to my parents to help or be proud of me. You will never be my encouragement or my acceptance. In your stead I have to turn to my friends, to their parents. Because you simply will not bring me to the surface when I'm drowning. You let me sink and tell me to drown so I know how bad it hurts. So instead I will reach my hands to those who will pull me above the water and teach me how to swim and keep afloat.

You're selfish, it's something I have to live with. You think that because you have suffered that others can't. And when they haven't suffered enough they can't desire or seek help. You are allowed to run away and escape the pressure but you force me to take it all on my shoulders. You are the rock and chain that drowns me.
Pyrrha Apr 2021
Have you ever loved something so much
That you would do any task
Give up any possession
To chase what no one else could see?

In your heart
Have you ever held something so precious
That you would teach a fish to fly
Just to keep it within your grasp?

In my life I accomplished everything I was told I couldn't
I put myself below no one, I refused to face any discrimination
Because with my art I could make the invisible seen to all
I could change emptiness into brilliance
And I could capture an ephemeral moment and make it immortal

I was told countless times to give up for I was destined to fail
But I'd rather have tried and failed
Than live my life regretting that I never did
I am no coward, my paintbrush is my sword
And my canvas is my battlefield

For my art I would turn nothingness into magic
Because with my art I could make magic tangible
Mar 2021 · 141
Sapphic poem
Pyrrha Mar 2021
How could I spell out love when it is absent of her name?
The way her eyes reflected a sunrise
She was like honey in the sky
I was bewitched

She was a masterpiece drawn with starlight
An ivory sculpture crafted by the hand of a god
I remember the time I was blessed by that smile
A vilified promise
Feb 2021 · 110
A poets apathy
Pyrrha Feb 2021
There are many things I cannot do
More are there things I do not understand
Countless are the things I do not know
But what I can do, what is tangible for me
I imagine in the palm of my hand
And lock within my fist, it's bottomless cage
What I do understand, I wrap around me
Like a chrysalis, a sheild of safety
And it protects me, my ward against the world
However what I know, that I do not covet
I give that away to passerbys, to strangers and friends
Like a sage, a mentor or philosopher

Perhaps things like emotions escape me
As my heart abandons feelings
The ones that pass through my fingertips
From my pen to paper
But writing is what I hold within my fist
It is how I makes sense of the world
It is every one of my senses
I see, taste, touch, smell and hear
Through a world beyond words
Like a magic veil, I see into anothers conscience
All the things they hold dear, what they cannot live without
All the things they regret, what they wish would wash away
In even the faintest moment and smallest thing

I feel all those emotions of which I've never known
But more than that I feel one thing that I can call my own
The passion, I feel that tearing through my bones
I can feel it burning in my lungs and my heart becomes a hearth in a cabin of nothing
For a moment I am filled with warmth like no other
And that feeling is one I'd chase to the ends of the Earth
Into the darkest chasm and within the brightest light
For it is the only one thats real within my world
Pyrrha Feb 2021
She painted words that flew like Eros' golden arrows
Straight through the hearts of all they reached
Timeless ethereal words of feeling
That no other could capture in such brilliance
A tenth muse proclaimed by Plato
How could one write such words of passion and  romance
Without some blessing from the gods above?
Had Apollo himself whispered in her ear all the ways beauty could be described?
How a gentle touch can be painted in song?
How strong were the blessing of Aphrodite,
To burn such deep emotions into the heart of the poet

Love had guided Sappho through life and so it guided her out
Her heart leapt far across the sea
So far and yet for once
They could not reach the one she wanted
And as she fell from the seaside cliff
Her essence remained
Within the words she wrote
Within the notes the lyre played
Sappho remained, heart shining through
Perpetually enlightening the world
With her pulchritudinous words of love
Feb 2021 · 144
Sappho; the poet
Pyrrha Feb 2021
I wanted the world to see through my eyes
I desperately longed to share the beauty I'd seen
But how could I hope to ever capture such sights in writing?
The way love takes your breath away,
How could I share the feeling without cliche?
In what way could I hope alone to share the feeling of ecstasy that comes from redamancy?

I look into the eyes of those who hear my words
Do they feel it?
My heart, can they hear it?
Do they see love in all her glory?
And I see it, the glimmer of excitement
The anticipation and nerves,
How they squirm and giggle
And in that moment I know
My heart has reached them
Feb 2021 · 260
Maladaptive Daydreaming
Pyrrha Feb 2021
I feel captive, hostage, trapped and bound
Within the corners of my own mind
Deep within my skin

I feel like there  is no exit sign, no escape, no doors or windows
But I feel so free
Like I can be, do, see or say anything at all

I push everything aside
Tell my heart and mind that I don't feel a thing
I turn my senses off and I escape

I go where no one else can see
I know people I've never met
And I've been places no ones dreamt

But I  can't help it
I can't turn it off
I can't escape when I dissociate

I am a prisoner inside my mind
I've been hurt and this is how I cope
But I don't feel anything

I only feel the feelings of someone I am not
Someone I can never be
I have memories of someone foreign living in my skin

But I can't help it
I need to leave, pause, reset and breath
I can escape when I dissociate
Feb 2021 · 402
Like a Stone
Pyrrha Feb 2021
I want to take your hand
walk together on the oceans shore till dusk
hike along the mountainside to see the sunrise
I don't want to be alone
So I'll take you with me where I go

I want to take your hand
But it's not there for me
All I have is the memory
I don't want to be alone
So i'll take it with me where I go

I want to turn back time
I'll make things right
till there's no sorrow left
I'll keep you captive in my dreams
When I slip away inside my head
I don't like to be alone
So i'll keep you right here by my side

I want to take your hand
But it's not there for me
All I have is make believe
I don't want to be alone
So I'll stay like this inside my mind

I'm like a hostage in my skin
All the feelings
If I keep them deep within
If I stay quiet like a doll
Will you take my hand
Will you stay like this by my side?

I don't want to be alone
So I'll treat my heart just like a stone
All I have are memories of false realities
I don't want to be alone
So I'll treat myself just like a stone
Not inspired by Audioslave, but it's actually not a love poem either. This poem is about Maladaptive Daydreaming disorder and is about how you feel caged within, i want to do another poem that goes deeper into that.
Jan 2021 · 101
Zeus; the Husband
Pyrrha Jan 2021
I love my wife
A fact so many overlook and don't believe
When I see something beautiful my first thought is Hera
Our marriage is everything to me
Hera is my reason, my judgement, my rationality
She is my freedom, my understanding, my sentiment

I am the king of Gods
I know things no mortal could understand
I know of hero's who will be and who must
And I know that it is my blood that must flow
Into those mortal veins to make them strong as Ares
Fast as Hermes and as smart as Athena
I know there is no other way

My beloved Hera,
She forgives me for what I must do
But her heart is broken, shattered and crumbled
I see it fall apart more and more, my own a shallow reflection
To hold her all together, to make her whole-
My most selfish desire after all I've done

To see her happiness shine through those cracks
Fleeting now, unlike the time before we had such responsibility
Before hero's were needed, before duty and divinity
Back when the world was new and it was simply the two of us
Hera and Zeus
When her heart shone so bright it nearly blinded me
I took one look at her and I saw something no mortal could
Something no fleeting romance could give me

I saw the Heavens in her eyes, I saw paradise
Jan 2021 · 93
Hephaestus; the Lame God
Pyrrha Jan 2021
They call me ugly and shun me, hide me from their sight
But they don't know what true beauty is
True beauty is the sunset of my forge
The artistry of my blades
All the passion and dedication in my armor
True beauty is seen in my presence
But it's a sight for only those who are worthy
For someone who wants to appreciate real beauty
Must be someone willing to look where others won't

What separates me from my wife is beauty
It's what separates putrid and clean, fragrant and rotten
But that is just the base of the reality
True, unfiltered beauty is unconventional
It's the sound of metal on metal
The feeling of heat embracing you like a blanket
It's not an appearance, but a feeling
True beauty is irrational, it can't be reasoned
You can list a million reasons why Aphrodite is beautiful
But when it comes to describing love your words stumble
Because beauty is something so unimaginable that there are no words
There is no rationality or reason
Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder
It is in the eyes of those who are willing to look beyond tangibility
Jan 2021 · 296
Artemis; the Valiant
Pyrrha Jan 2021
Yes, I am a woman
We're forced to say it like a curse
Because the moment we are discovered
Evil eyes of all sorts gaze upon us, questioning and curious

Is she beautiful?
Is her skin like porcelain?
Her hair, is it soft like silk?
Do her eyes shine like the stars?
And her virtue above all else, is she pure?

Men compare us to treasure as if it's a compliment
Saying our eyes are like sapphires and emeralds
To them we are silk and gold
Nothing more than measurements of their wealth
It's as if they think we won't find out it's just another way to measure our worth,
As if they think we can't understand that it isn't a compliment, it's a currency

They don't see my warrior gaze
My impenetrable skin, thick with valor
They look at my hands and see a delicate doll
They don't see the way these delicate hands wrap around my bow
How my eyes are sharp and steady
No, they only see the innocent sparkle

They aren't looking for my capabilities
They seek value in my appearance alone
They are putting prices on me,
Comparing me to the latest trends
For what is my courage worth when I have such a beautiful face?

Yes, I am a woman
But I am a warrior first
See my battle scars, see my victories
See my strength and bravery
My honor, see it an recognize me

I am the protector of women
Not because they can't defend themselves
But because they shouldn't have to
I am the one who shows the truth
Who guides the moonlight into their veins
The one who takes away those sparkling lies
For before my eyes, no woman will bend to the whims of man
Dec 2020 · 92
Pyrrha Dec 2020
It's a slow poison
It's the sound of a certain cracking
That can't be placed to any specific memory
A sound so nostalgic and familiar
It's the sound that takes the place
Of laughter and lullaby
The sound is a million tiny cracks
In a broken mosaic glass
Like a spiderweb that holds
Every feeling of hurt in each tiny crevice
One day enough pressure will be applied
To completely shatter
Your fragile glass heart
And that cracking sound
Will be the last you hear
Nov 2020 · 5.0k
I see color
Pyrrha Nov 2020
I see a rainbow sea of people
I see your culture; your history
I see your pain; your fear

I don't want to erase the battles you've won
I don't want to belittle your fight
I don't want to erase your uniqueness

I want to see a painting with the colors of life
I want to recognize your diversity; your struggles
I want to see your healing; your relief

I don't want blissful ignorance
I want to see the truth
To say a life matters
Is to address the ways it once did not;
to address the history of hatred;
to make sure that the future will change
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