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Dec 2023
After Edgar Allen Poe’s “Bridal Ballad”

In a distant meadow lies my mind,
     To get there, I cannot tell you how;
Twists and turns make it hard to find
But if you're lucky and the path is kind,
     Perhaps it will open for now.

Fields of dandelions are where I hide;
     When spring blooms, come make a vow,
For on the wind our dandelion wishes ride–
Tell them only to the withered ones who died,
Be honest, the only rule you must abide
And only the weeds will know if you lied,
     Do you see it now?

It does not matter if you mean well,
     I sometimes make mistakes in who I allow,
Are you poison or passion? I cannot always tell,
So you may come to stay but do not dwell–
Don’t be the one to turn a paradise into hell,
(And of my secret garden do not tell,)
     If you do, I can see it now–

Wildfires— the flames I cannot tame,
     Confusion, pain and anger that furrows my brow;
Putting pesticides to primroses is such a shame,
My daffodils lament, they cry for who’s to blame,
     Oh, I see it now!
Does such sorrow, such grief have a name?
     You must see it now!

When you turn my meadow into a burial mound;
     Where seedlings will not sprout— they can't remember how,
You turn it into a place where no dream is found
Where no wishes or vows can be bound,
And where loves whispers dare not sound
     And I can't see it now.
Written by
Pyrrha  22/F/Texas
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