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The birds in the sky
Swallow the light
As the sun falls

Their city moaning
And pining for a partner

***** towers
Standing alone
Casting wishful shadows
Almost a brutality

Within the haze
The concrete organs
Seeking blood
Through a different means
The sunlight in my hands is *****
But I keep it anyway
Trying to make it last
Before nightfall

When it comes
The moon's soft touch
Does not satisfy me either
I walk slowly
Hoping for some wind
Powder blue knuckles
I knock them against my glass
The sound is the buzzing of mosquitoes
Beckoning me to swallow
I’ve walked on a red carpet before
The floor was sticky
The bright lights broke my eyes
And the beer was delicious

When it ended
I was in a hospital
An old woman grabbed my arm as I left
I don’t think she wanted to be alone
How come
I am always dying as a martyr?
My thoughts constantly drifting
To funeral marches and sobbing relatives

How will I die?
A botched parachute jump?
Saving a small child
From a moving vehicle?

My funeral will be adorned
With white icing
The flag of my nation
And a flock of doves

To my infinitely philanthropic nature
And unending commitment
To human liberty

Why is it so easy
To tack a medal to my breast?

Maybe because
I exist
As my bloodline
dowses its progeny with ****** praise

So eager
to bathe
In the violent tears of this world
That are ancient castles and monuments to men wearing wigs

Or maybe
Because I'm just selfish
And I often *** all over myself
On my paunchy stomach

— The End —