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What if the ocean is the tears of all the heartbroken lovers.••••
What if the reason it’s so salty, is because that’s the only way the eyes could interpret such pain•••

A walk in my head•

What if?
Sister she called me. Sister I called her. To love and protect each other till death?  A friend she was, until she called me sister...and sisters we became.. surely it was right, surely it must be true....

Such joy

Slashed my heart she did... slit my throat? she might as well..
she told them...  
What? You ask the writer... it’s the secret unspoken..
The secret we must not speak of..
  Now...the Town’s ***** “I am”...
  She told my secret,but sister she called       me.
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I’m a fraud
I’m a fraud pretending your words hurt me
I’m a fraud ignoring this scars that haunt me.
I’m a fraud playing the perfect girl,while I watch the messy one die inside every night .
I’m a fraud, I say help is for the weak ,but I long for help .
I’m a fraud, scared of failing,so I never try
I’m a fraud,because I let all this talent burn out.  
I’m a fraud because society has me in chains•
I’m a fraud •
Every time you gave up, every time you let yourself be treated less than you deserve,every time you don’t try . You defraud yourself

— The End —