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Jun 2016
Has lost its way
Forgotten what it meant to live
Greed rules the lands
Hate divides
And ignorance shackles

Has began to die
Corruption reigns with an iron fist
Can't seem to find the light amongst the fog of evil
To give power to those that would lead to healing

It means we'll all rot
To be herded by the lies of the media
Beauty is the only way
Thin is beauty
Shallow is beauty
Fraud is beauty
To be separated by outdated prejudice
Gays are sinners
White is the true superior race
Money can buy anything,
Even love
To be set on a road of self destruction
Poverty is for the lower class
Intelligence is for the weak
Individuality is for the outcasts

Has forgotten what it means to be human
To find the balance
Love without fear
Fight the injustice for freedom of thought,
Freedom to be unique,
Freedom to live,
To live with a purpose

A purpose
That's what Humanity has lost
Humanity just keeps worsening and soon, it'll cease to even know what it means to be human.
Javier  Garza
Written by
Javier Garza
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