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 Aug 2017 Malcolm Eaves
There's a ghost in the machine
A distant heartbeat
An echo
A recollection of tides pulled by the rhythm
Of the moon
A lunar cycle
Of leaves swirled
And now settled
By the whisper
Of the breeze
A message repeated
But not audibly heard
Remembered and understood.
You are in the right place
Where you need to be
All you need now
Is to breathe and be.
Thank you everyone for the likes and comments, my poem being chosen as the Daily has made my day!! :0)
 May 2016 Malcolm Eaves
Welcome to the me society
Look at me
Give me
Me technology
That builds a bubble of biasness

I want
I should have
Without giving back
Without sharing that
Which makes us human

But I want
To live to see
An us society
What can we do
To make life better
For our brothers
And sisters
Well, it's been fun guys
This is the end of our thirteen year pursuit
It's time to pave our futures
And shape our adult lives
So we can live modestly and thrive
Not being stuck in the Rat's Nest and the Bee Hive
We'll be out of the Nest
Living in free spirit and protest
This is so much for us to ingest
Some of us might feel too trepadacious to move on
But we have to keep going
It will only get harder from here
If you have the right attitude
The world is ours.

I know the world is ours.
Let's not forget that
We're the best
I know it
You just need to bestow it
Suffocate all the obstacles
With mental chloroform and verbal reform
Wash out the deception
Be alive again
Be who you destined to be
Now is our chance
Let our experiences dance
Together, we are one mighty Trojan Horse that cannot be stopped.

We're kind of a big deal, you know?
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