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Lee Oct 2021
To a love I knew
The same love I lost
The love I'd pushed away
The love that haunts me to this day
Lee Oct 2021
I've let it be
This is it
Who is she to me
Still today
The only one for me
  Oct 2021 Lee
I thought I left you
Packed my my fickle heart and left
Years later
It dawned on me
You never asked me to stay
Just stood there waiving goodbye
Wishing that I don’t go stray
Here I am
In dismay
Have you ever wanted me to stay?
Illusion and delusions have ruled my days
But the truth is you have never cared
  Oct 2021 Lee
Writing of the Unknown
As my time draws near
I sit and think of the past
trying to make peace with it all

Unsaid words plagued my mind
The fear of never being able to
made me reach out one last time

Now here we are
playing a game of chance and limbo

unsure what to do next
after our hearts poured out for one another

a simple game
a simple dance
a story left unfinished

will this be the end to my story
or is it just another chapter altogether?
Lee Sep 2021
Lee's dead
It all got to his head
Lee Sep 2021
There came a point
Since then
I haven't felt anything
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