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Seeing sleep as a temporary death,
is a comforting feeling,
until I wake up.
  3d Lee
You are a reflection
Of friendship and love
That hurts all at once

And that maybe—
It was too good and too real
That we needed to end up this way

Oh, I hope your heart is okay...
Lee 5d
I just need to fade away
Even if I'd seen her
What would I have to say
Well honestly
She'd see me and walk away
So this had become of me
Most and if not every day
Finding my peace
In my time of wreckless grey
Broken myself over her
Withing my own minds dismay
It was the way she looked at me
Telling me to go and stay away
I guess it's just that
That's all I've left to say
It's time for me to become a ghost

I've healed, and I've accepted my guilt.
I miss her, she's honestly better off though
I just wish it never had to be this way
Lee Nov 21
Deluded ramblings
A mutation of a man
Inadequate and empty
Yearning yet still
For a love unrequited
Lee Nov 21
So it is
That the poet is lost in translation
By all that was
All that shall never be
Lee Nov 15
I've met Art
In the form of woman
The likes, a realm outside my reach
Afar yet so near
The likes of one still
Changed one's darkened ways
Instilled values grasped in moments
Guiding to this very day
Lee Nov 13
I use to write poetry
Apon a time
Thereof a woman
Dearestly held
Another later found
The other now a mother
This one the last to make me suffer
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