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Lee Nov 20
  Nov 20 Lee
Splashes of Surreal
We shared the nights under the moon
Our beauty was spent
Soon we would yearn like fools
Time burns like an essence

Like a bird, she took to the skies
She would circle the stars and skyline
But she wanted to light the fire
I wish I was alive

Art and poetry flow through her
My heart is filled forever
But there is the promise of memory
That lurks behind, to end this reverie

Then, the trees will await her return
Lush with green orchards
This bird has flown
My love wasn’t enough
  Nov 20 Lee
Splashes of Surreal
Love isn't the answer
To every question
But I still love her

This is the start
I might be thinking about you
Soon, I'll feel lost

Is this love true
Or do I just forget
About what I've been through?

Is this love real?
I have so many questions
Just ask me why.
  Sep 12 Lee
walk around in circles
and i miss the site of the city
stare down on the ground
drowned in thoughts
about you
its all in rhymes
string of words in harmony
about you being
my light,
my flower, my heart,
my one and only
my crowned queen, a piece of art
so far apart and so forlorn
the night comes around
and i just went ‘round and ‘round in circles
and im bound to the same conclusion,
the end’s always the same
that i love you
i write better than i can talk
  Sep 12 Lee
A Dead Poet
If you'd like I'll stay until our death,
From the bees and rays of honey that ooze from the sun,
Under the cold dead branches cradled under winter stars.
I will always be with you, my love,
so love me a little more. . .
  Sep 11 Lee
The world and everyone won.
I’ve lost everything and everyone.
I lost myself in the process and now I am left to rebuild from the nothingness once again.
Turns out doing the right thing leaves you empty with no one and nothing.
Yet I find the beauty in being alone.
No pressure or no one to tell you that you’re not good enough.
Lee Sep 9
The coldness of my being
Pained and screaming
Dying and depleting
Was only ever for your well being
With no place left for retreating
I'm afraid I won't make many more evenings
I'm sorry though
I never meant to leave you bleeding
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