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 3d Lee
 3d Lee
With all the friends I lose,
I think of you and
How I couldn't save you

Sometimes I think
what if it was you here
instead of me

And then I'm stuck here
wishing it was you here,
not me
We were only twelve years old vee. We were two too young suicidal kids trying to keep one another alive. I ******* miss you with all my heart, mi flore.
 3d Lee
I once painted a room red in a sad attempt to erase how severely I’d been stabbed
Unfortunately time is all but frozen
Handcuffed to a melting shadow for 3 years now
Doing it’s best to forget faces and names
Faces and names
 3d Lee
Alone with
Brown old piano

White notes
Black notes

Play anything
With feelings
 6d Lee
If you knew
This was the last time
I would trust enough to let someone in
To see the scars that line a broken heart
Weeping in the corner with the shadows
Standing on shards of glass
They crack with each spoken word

If you knew
You would be the last person I’d love
And the first person I’d die for
Would you take it slow
Let it flow
And let me know
It’s not a waste of time
That you're really mine?

If you knew
That ending this
Would drag me high from the mountains
To down below the valleys
Where the monster live together
trapped there forever…
Would you smile in my defeat?
Or fall to your knees along with me
Then we could find our peace of mind
In love.
 7d Lee
I know it's been too late
For a year and a month
But can I please change my answer to
I want to make you love me
Because you could never hate me
I wanted to die tonight
Death screams louder than promises
I use to dance around the dream of me
Now I drown in the reality
How loud can you scream until it becomes silent
Can anyone hear me?
 Jan 9 Lee
Anais Vionet
Love can shine like salvation.
Love lights unseeable torches
When heated, love evades judgment.
It gives breath to the sweetest sounds.
Love makes reasons and it breaks reason.
 Jan 9 Lee
These wax wings stood no chance against your rays,
I was warned, I know, but what's more tempting than safety

or perceived safety.

Like Icarus I fell from the sky into the waters and met a cancer, now im drowing cause I can't swim.

id rather be star gazing
but that's what got me here in the first place.
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