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moonface Apr 2019
3 plus plus
I have been painting
A picture of us
I am not done yet
But pls dont make a fuss.

3 quarter...?
I think thats how long
We have been together
Seems pretty l     o     n    g
But we've been through all kinds of weather.

Well, listen
I know we get restless
I know we get scared
I know we get bored
I know we get despaired

But listen
Lets continue kicking butts
Cos im not done spanking yours.
Est '15.
moonface Sep 2016
As slippery as she can be,
She will always be the girl of my dreams.
  Aug 2016 moonface
Neck bent a little far to the right
Impressions of sheets in skin wrapped too tightly around willing wrists
Makeshift bandages for cuts that have closed but still bleed.
You must be out for coffee
Or on a call that couldn't wait
But Sunday's are for rain and dreams you can't quite remember
And secrets tucked in a leg bent at the knee.
I can't tell the difference between lust and love making anymore though I'd like to still believe in the latter.
You return and I lose myself in the corner of your eye and I hang myself there on those lines
Allowing myself to kiss you there just once for fear of becoming too entangled
A sweet suicide that'd be
Gasping for air
Lost in your laughter
August 14, 2016 (draft)
  Jul 2016 moonface
Pushkar Mishra
Someday you would realise
How beautiful you are through my eyes,
And how slowly your smile
Makes my heart to crystallize.

It's the love that I can give
It's you with whom I want to live,
So tender so true,
A love that I have found only in you.
Love you!
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