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Mayank Jha Dec 2020
I have lost time
Faith and shine
I thought I would make you mine
But it's different now
Sad heart and a broken vow
An empty feeling
I'm down, kneeling
Begging for you to come back
You took my soul
And everything that I had
I'm holding up, somehow
I'm shivering but atleast I'm trying now
To stand up on my own
So do a favor, and
Leave me alone
Just be gone before I crack
Stay there and never come back.
Mayank Jha Jul 2020
We are nothing but aimless ships.
We know no destination
In this world of imagination.
We are wanderers
Roaming this beautiful plane.
Exploring things while feeling the rain.
Trying to find peace
Our actions, causing a crease
In time itself.
We need to think big
And break out of this small vase.
Dare to do things no one would
Believe in yourself because you should.
Have faith in your existence
And fight with all you have
Against your own resistance.
Come with me
Let's jump across
Come with me
make a pattern that's beautiful
Be brave and fulfill your role.
But I know it will take a toll
On your mind and body.
But that's not a very big price
To pay for a life that's full of joy
So lets rejoice and run ahead.
And you won't regret
The price you paid.
Mayank Jha Feb 2018
I was wondering last night,
About the full extent of my might.
Can I fly high in the sky,
Or I'll have to bid my dreams good bye.

Life is full of difficulties,
And many unfortunate incidents.
But in solving its mysteries,
Lies the ultimate happiness.

There will be no fun if it's known,
About what will happen tomorrow.
Let the events unfold on their own,
And embrace it, whether it's happiness or sorrow.

I am gonna live my life in such a way,
As I won't get another day.
I won't let my soul to be bound.
Life is short,
I'll make it count.
Don't be afraid in trying something new. Be happy and live life abundantly.
Mayank Jha Sep 2017
It takes a special person
To teach a child in a class
To keep his attention
In the world that moves so fast.

For every lesson you teach
And inspire us for truth
The knowledge that you give
Guides our youth.

You are that special person
You always gave your best
Since I am your student
My life is trully blessed.

— The End —