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G May 2019
I guess this is the time to think about you,
The time where what ifs run over and over,
The moment where my feelings feel warmer,
4 am and I'm still thinking about you.
  May 2019 G
Dear You,

We were never meant to be, I’ve learned that now. I’m still learning to live with it. But I will never regret knowing you. It might hurt now and maybe until forever, but the pain was definitely worth it.

You were never the one that got away because I never really had you in the first place. I will live my life in pain because that is all I have of you.

You will always be the one that stole my heart and I know I’ll never have it back. And I’m okay with that. I’d rather you have my heart even if I can’t have yours. My heart is yours to break.

G Mar 2019
If you’re reading this right now; The truth is, I wanna love you so bad. But hey patience can lead to good things right? Maybe love isnt ready for us yet, Maybe it’s teaching us that great things in life are worth the wait and Maybe its teaching me; that loving someone without any assurance is worth taking the risk for. Hoping that someday I’ll hear you say the words I’m dying to hear, but for now Hoping, Understanding and Waiting is all I can give or do.
G Feb 2019
Maybe I was just that sad playlist that you listened to every time you’re lonely,
Maybe that happy meal that you needed when you wanted a toy,
Maybe the alcohol you drank when you wanted to forget your broken heart for a night,
Maybe that cigarette that was on your lips the night you were lonely,
I could’ve been anything you needed,
But in the end you only wanted me for a moment.
G Feb 2019
Lights off,
So that I’ll be blind and think that you’re here with me under the sheets
I hope you’re the one kissing my lips
And whispering “i love you” to my ears
G Feb 2019
She was a puzzle that wasn’t meant to be solved by anyone
Not letting someone build her up or figure her out
She liked the feeling of being undone
And loved the fact shes unsolvable

Or maybe she just didn’t want you.
G Feb 2019
She occupied my head with no hesitations,
She stayed there and played with my emotions,
My gut told me to keep her away,
But in the end I was too stupid to let her stay.
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