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I wake up from my dream with tangles in my hair
Throw off the sheets, sweat pouring down because I had a nightmare
The cold seeps into my bones as my feet touch the marble floor bare
Tip Toe Tip Toe....Off to my bedroom window as I let the drapes slide
The moonlight settles in my room and then darkness suddenly hides
Wow!The sight so breathtaking that I let out a sigh
For a cleared view I lean forward touching the glass so stainless and clear
My breath forming a thin mist yet without leaving traces it disappears
"It's beautiful!" I exclaim with my smile revealing braces...Oh dear
On a night like this,the sky so blue unfold like a scroll
Making me wish I could go for a night stroll
Its so magnificent that I hear nature roar
It glitters and gleams but it's not a diamond or any other gem
Each of them very different though they somehow look the same
Like gems on a circlet or a Royal diadem
Different constellations they do form
Over there,the man who never puts down His bow
The Archer always standing strong
Pointing the way East for travellers as they move along
And here Orion the Hunter with his leather belt so fine
Far beyond some of them align
And form the southern cross,Oh my
Billions of shimmering lights hanging on nothing
Stretching far and wide as the eye can see
And I wonder ,Oh how could this be
***** of hot gas,is that what they really are
So close they seem, yet they are just so far
I crawl back into my sheets and close my eyes
And fall back to sleep as l wish upon a star..
an inspiration from the heart of a dear who could see, but more, than all could see.. #Cholz
I wish love could really be more than saying i love you
I wish being with me is all you can ever do
I wish the sky was green and the grass was blue,
so that we could watch a green sky and it would be a natural view

I wish i could be down to earth, I wish i grew wings
I wish i could be shorter so that i could easily get to the bottom of things
I wish i could be tall so tht pipo would look up to me
And, All i wish is to be me and what God wishes i could be
How on earth did I arrive here
In this dark and dismal place,
When it all began with love, but
Of that love there’s not a trace,
When you first began to spell me
I was helpless in your clutch,
Like an oak, you tried to fell me,
One who didn’t matter much.

You would praise me up and raise me
When it suited you to play
With my juvenile emotions
You could have had me any day,
Though you never looked much further
Than the day that you would tire
Of your plaything, or the way things
Would consume me in your fire.

I was not more than a bangle or
A bracelet for your wrist,
You would get me so entangled that
I never could resist,
Then you tossed me in your tempests
Left me battling your storms,
Till you had me question love and
What it was, in all its forms.

Then you plunged me into darkness
Black as pitch, without a light,
And I wondered at this starkness
When you failed to say goodnight,
I have stumbled on your pathway
In my folly, now it seems,
But have missed the open gateway
In my search for love and dreams.

David Lewis Paget
You torment me so, surely you do know not
Opened me to you, yet all that was naught
Your eyes wide open, still it crosses not your thought
Beyond the seeming forte, could be a vulnerable tot.
Confidence boils within, spouts out as molten lava
Tough, yet tougher still, said he to me my lover
There is thunder in her stride, said she to me my mother
Never could it cross their thought, I was a vulnerable tot.

My hand grows weary, eyes too are growing dimmer
Walls crumbling curve in, thoughts within aren’t clearer
I have tried and have done, I know now the taste of fear
Collapsed is the pride, I long for a place to hide.
Come me now to you, rest these my weary limbs
Spread me your arms out wide, today I shan’t be hushed
I have put a mighty fight, that I say with pride
But understand when I say, I am just a vulnerable child.

Let your left ear hear me, your right ear also
Let your mind understand me, your heart love me so
Yesterday is done and past, today grows old fast
Linger not on the yester, tomorrow could be much brighter
Hold my hand now, may your ears shut to doubt
All strength has escaped, but the spirit within still lives
The world will see not, the world may never know
That beyond the obvious forte, I am but a vulnerable child
#Ann #love # perceptions  #life #emotions #thoughts
To think God hates you when you are sad.
To think you can forget Him when u are glad.
To think you can build a life on foundations with flickering quakes, tremors.
Tick the talk, walk the tock; a clock with no timer.
You forget about the ladder when u reach the top. No.!
To feel you are the island, to fill your mind with hot spot thoughts, Stop.!
#thoughts #God #life #pride
Anne Curtin








Never stay bitter, always maintain your positive mental attitude.

Never proclaim yourself as rude or crude, even when rarely understood.

Evil lurks and stalks at every corner, seeping into every facet of life preparing the perfect storm for a shocked mourner.

Societies new idiocracies somehow grew, and grew, while peace bent and waned beyond its known limit, as the first crunch echoed from the u-shaped bamboo, all greedy intent was now all spent.

Rise above the masses, and lead your own personal thought.

All these years kept in the dark, tons and tons of distraught,
when this pain is the only sensation necessary to uncover the hidden truths, and the malicious blind-spots.
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